A perfect recipe for the aspirants to hone their skills, give their preparation wings and boost their score in the Prelims exam.



In its endeavor to be the aspirant’s guiding light till they reach their destination of prelims 2023, Apti Plus brings WBCS Test Series for Prelims 2023 with the motto “Prepare Focused, Take Mocks, and Secure your rank in the final list!”

Apti Plus Academy has structured its Prelims Test Series Program meticulously to help aspirants achieve maximum scores in the exam by honing their speed and accuracy. Entire static and current portions are rigorously covered in a rigorous manner starting with basic level tests and gradually moving in a stepwise strategy towards advanced level so as to bring the preparation to WBCS level. This program is a perfect recipe for the WBCS aspirants to hone their skills, give their preparation wings, and boost their scores in the Prelims exam. 

The Prelims Examination is intended to assess the CLARITY OF MIND, SPEED, DECISION MAKING, MEMORY should be able to sort out what it requires even in the foggiest situations, FOCUS, and AWARENESS.  So, any good test series should be able to inculcate the above-given traits in the aspirants. 

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As stated earlier, this WBCS mock test series has been structured in such a way that can help aspirants prepare bit-by-bit in stages for the examination. Each stage gives candidates the chance to improve over the previous one and measure their progress. Thus, each stage can be treated as a step further in the whole staircase, which will gradually raise the preparation level of the aspirants, giving them the scope to develop the right set of skills to ace the Prelims Examination.





WBCS Prelims Test Series





  • There are 16 WBCS mock tests with in-depth coverage of the syllabus
  • Questions curated by West Bengal's Best Academicians with vast experience in WBCS.
  • Aspirants are provided with an organized and carefully designed detailed schedule of the Tests under this WBCS Test Series programme.
  • WBCS mock test series strictly adhering to WBCS pattern and standard, the nature of questions in the tests ranges from factual to conceptual, proportionally dividing in each of the Papers.
  • Options of MCQs in this WBCSmock test series have also been arranged in such a manner that elimination tactics can be applied by students while solving questions.
  • Detailed Performance Analysis of aspirants so that they can gauge their level of preparation and perceive their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Detailed analysis of Tests in this WBCS mock test series based on Level of Difficulty making it easier for aspirants to evaluate their performance that strategize their preparation accordingly.
  • Free Counselling via email/call anytime and anywhere.


  • Attempting Aptiplus’s test series helps you revise all topics. Aptiplus’s mock tests help you in understanding the actual exam pattern.
  • After each test, Aptiplusprovides you with a detailed analysis report of the mock test taken. This benefits the students in evaluating their performance.
  • It helps in improving the exam-taking speed and accuracy.
  • By taking the Aptiplus’s Mock, the student’s performance gets better day by day. This gives them enough motivation to perform well in the exams. Also, self-confidence is gained by seeing the performance analysis and improved scores
  • This will help in overcoming fear
  • Candidates will get extra vital information
  • Candidates will refine their thinking process
  • They will be able to do SWOT analysis, understand nuances of the exam, and able to tackle uncertainties
  • Hone the skill of intelligence guessing and elimination
  • You get several chances to know about your performance & make up for your shortcomings.
  • Has new & original problems, which is the best way to prepare.
  • Practically tests all the fundamentals.
  • Prepares you for all types of patterns & levels of difficulty, so you will be ready to face WBCS Prelims in all eventualities.
  • Gives you the ability to analyze problems from different possibilities.
  • Gives you sufficient time to consolidate on your preparation as it starts with Part Tests and gradually covers the entire syllabus in Full Tests

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  • There will be 16 full length tests for prelims.
  • Student can appear any test at any time before WBCS Prelims exam.
  • All WBCS mock tests will be uploaded as per Schedule, but dates & timings are fully flexible.
  • Option to take the same test twice so that you can improve upon the weak areas of syllabus and practice again.
  • Questions curated by Bengal's renowned academicians with vast experience in WBCS.
  • Strictly adhering to WBCS pattern and standard
  • Comprehensive coverage of all standard books and Current Affairs (1 Full Year)
  • Detailed Test Report & Analysis based on Level of Difficulty
  • Performance Evaluation to strategize preparation accordingly
  • Free Counselling via email/call anytime and anywhere.
  • VALIDITY: 365 days
  • COURSE FEES: Rs. 1599/-
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