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APTI PLUS, a distinguished name in civil services exam coaching, stands out as the epitome of excellence in UPSC coaching in Kolkata. Renowned for its commitment to providing top-tier guidance at affordable fees, APTI PLUS boasts a team of highly experienced and dedicated faculty members who are instrumental in shaping the aspirations of countless UPSC aspirants.

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Our Courses- Where Learning Meets Innovation

Check out our exclusive courses for UPSC Exam in Kolkata UPSC coaching—Excel in your respective subjects by learning under the best faculty members at this Best IAS Coaching in Kolkata. 

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Featured Courses

Embark on a transformative learning journey with the Best UPSC Coaching in Kolkata, your gateway to success in The Civil Service Examination.

Why Enrol in Our Transformative
Courses ?

Strategic Subject Selection

Offers subjects with maximum syllabus overlap and relevance to General Studies papers. Meticulously designed courses ensure content differentiation and score enhancement.

Proven Track Record

APTI PLUS has seen unprecedented success from 2014 to 2023, re-establishing it as the best coaching institution in Eastern India.

Unique Learning Experience

Stage-wise training and small batch sizes for personalised attention.

Separate doubt-clearing sessions and comprehensive study materials by rank holders.

Holistic Approach

Connects different units within each paper and links dynamic and static parts.

Focus on answer writing, score maximisation, and tackling contemporary questions.

Experienced Faculty

Highly qualified faculty with extensive teaching experience in renowned institutions.

Emphasis on crisp, exam-oriented, and regularly updated study material.

Optional Coaching Program

Led by expert faculty in Geography, PSIR, Sociology, and Public Administration.

A systematic approach to syllabus completion to crack the exam.

Hear From Our Students

Know what our students have to say about the top IAS coaching in Kolkata by APTI PLUS. Learn from the best alum members who have made us proud. 

Meet the Faces Behind the Excellence !

Get to know our faculty members who have helped the students excel in the top IAS coaching centre in Kolkata. Know their respective qualifications below.

How to Choose the Best UPSC Coaching Centre?

Selecting the best UPSC coaching in Kolkata is an important decision that shapes your journey toward becoming a civil servant. With many options available, APTI PLUS Academy stands out as a beacon of excellence in Kolkata for Civil Services. It caters to the diverse needs of aspirants and provides comprehensive preparation for the IAS exam.


Best IAS Coaching in Kolkata   

One key factor that makes APTI PLUS Academy-the best IAS coaching in Kolkata is its faculty. They shape the learning experience. At this UPSC Coaching centre in Kolkata, the team has seasoned educators with extensive backgrounds in civil service coaching.


Comprehensive Exam Preparation

You must consider the comprehensiveness of the exam preparation when evaluating UPSC coaching. APTI PLUS has a host of faculty members who can help you with comprehensive preparation. In short, it addresses all aspects of the examination. The institute’s coaching methodology is made in such a way that it helps cover the entire syllabus systematically.


Excellent Coaching Facilities

APTI PLUS Academy offers a learning environment that has all kinds of modern facilities. The coaching institute’s infrastructure and support are excellent. That is why the positive results that come out every year are proof of our excellence. We further understand the importance of an effective support system. This is what is reflected in the facilities that we provide to all students. 


Reputation and Reviews

The best UPSC coaching in Kolkata will definitely have good reviews and positive feedback from the earlier students. APTI PLUS is such a leading force in civil service coaching. We have earned accolades for this particular success in civil services across places in recent years.


APTI PLUS is a pivotal decision for those aspiring to excel in the UPSC examination. We can help you pursue a career in public service like no other. 
  • APTI PLUS stands out as the top IAS coaching centre in Kolkata. It is because of its holistic approach to the core coaching programs for all students. 
  • The institute provides several supplementary programs. This includes doubt-clearing sessions, mock interviews, and the All India Test Series. These offerings contribute to a more comprehensive and effective preparation for the IAS exam.
  • The best UPSC coaching in Kolkata is a pivotal decision that shapes your entire preparation journey. APTI PLUS Academy for Civil Services emerges as the frontrunner among the options in terms of experienced faculty members. 
  • It offers the following extensive facilities:
    1. Experienced faculty
    2. Comprehensive exam preparation
    3. State-of-the-art infrastructure
    4. Stellar track record
    5. Reasonable UPSC coaching in Kolkata fees
  • Aspirants looking for the best coaching centre in Kolkata can always choose APTI PLUS Academy. Our institute offers study programs designed e for the three exams associated with UPSC.

UPSC Exam Pattern: Overview

The exam is conducted annually to recruit candidates for various civil services of the Government of India, including the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), and Indian Police Service (IPS), among others. The exam consists of three stages: Preliminary Exam (Prelims), Main Exam (Mains), and Interview/Personality Test.

Preliminary Examination

Civils Exam Pattern – Prelims
Paper Type No. of questions UPSC Total Marks Duration Negative marks
General Studies I Objective 100 200 2 hours Yes
General Studies II (CSAT) Objective 80 200 2 hours Yes
Total UPSC marks for Prelims 400 (minimum qualifying marks fixed at 33%)

Main Examination

UPSC CSE Exam Pattern – Mains
Paper Subject Duration IAS Total marks
Paper A Compulsory Indian language 3 hours 300
Paper B English 3 hours 300
Paper I Essay 3 hours 250
Paper II General Studies I 3 hours 250
Paper III General Studies II 3 hours 250
Paper IV General Studies III 3 hours 250
Paper V General Studies IV 3 hours 250
Paper VI Optional I 3 hours 250
Paper VII Optional II 3 hours 250

Interview Test

The UPSC interview is often considered the last key of the UPSC examination. It evaluates both the personality and analytical abilities of the aspiring candidate. The interview panel assesses various qualities, which include:


  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Emotional intelligence
  • General Awareness

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Coaching is best for IAS in Kolkata?

APTI PLUS is the best IAS coaching centre in Kolkata. Situated at the heart of Salt Lake City, APTI PLUS has consistently produced excellent results over the years. The academy employs a time-tested teaching methodology to ensure students receive optimal preparation for the highly competitive Indian Civil Services examination. APTI PLUS takes pride in its well-structured study material, designed to cover the vast syllabus comprehensively. Going the extra mile, the academy organises multiple guest lectures and current affairs workshops to enhance the overall learning experience for its students.

Apti understands the importance of flexibility in scheduling. Therefore, the academy conducts lectures on weekends throughout the day for Kolkata UPSC coaching. This scheduling approach for the top IAS coaching in Kolkata accommodates the needs of both students and working professionals, which facilitates access to quality education.

The UPSC coaching fees in Kolkata typically range between Rs 1,200 and Rs 1,20,000, depending on the specific course undertaken at any institute. APTI PLUS offers an affordable, time-tested, and refined teaching system dedicated to enhancing your chances of success in the UPSC examination. The institute consistently updates its teaching methodologies and study materials, introducing innovations to ensure a comprehensive understanding of aspirants’ success. APTI PLUS is committed to providing personalised attention to each candidate, establishing itself as a top IAS coaching centre in Kolkata.

In the competitive landscape of UPSC coaching, the fee structure is a crucial consideration for aspirants. APTI PLUS recognises the financial constraints that many aspirants may face and, in response, offers a reasonable fee structure for its coaching programs. The institute’s commitment to making quality UPSC coaching accessible to a broader audience is evident in its approach to fees.

Here are the details of the offline and online class fees for IAS Coaching in Kolkata by APTI PLUS. 

CourseValidityCourse includesModePrice before TaxGSTNet Amount
1 Year Integrated Pre Cum Mains1 YearGS ALL + CSAT + ESSAY + Test SeriesOffline120,000.0021,600.00141,600.00
1 Year Integrated Pre Cum Mains1 YearGS ALL + CSAT + ESSAY + Test SeriesOnline120,000.0021,600.00141,600.00
2/3/4 Years Integrated Pre Cum Mains2/3/4 yearsGS ALL + CSAT + ESSAY + Test SeriesOffline120,000.0021,600.00

141,600.00(1st Year)

35,400(Each Subsequent Year)

Distance Learning Programme (DLP)1 YearBooks, Recorded, Classes + Test Series 50,0009,00059,000.00
Optional Subject4-5 months Online30,000.005,400.0035,400.00
CSAT for Prelims with Test Series   15,000.002,700.0017,700.00
Personalised Mentorship Program4 months Online12,711.002,288.0014,999.00
Mains Mock Test Series 2024365 days*15 TestsOnline/Offline9,321.181,677.8210,999.00
Prelims Test Series 2024365 days*60 TestsOffline8,474.001,525.009,999.00
Prelims Test Series 2024365 days60 TestsOnline6,695.001,205.007,900.00
Mains Answer Writing Evl. Program1 month15 Answer monthlyOnline1,017.00183.001,200.00

Yes, you can prepare for the UPSC exam easily in Kolkata. It has many reputed institutes like APTI PLUS that provide proper guidance and coaching facilities. APTI PLUS is the best coaching centre in Kolkata, integrating a proven concept alongside the All India Test Series to assess progress and approaches through quality evaluations. This approach is designed to unlock the full potential of aspirants, significantly enhancing their chances of selection.

Adhering to the latest trends and actual standards, APTI PLUS ensures complete exam exposure at each stage of the prelims and mains test series, supplemented by free mock interviews. As a top IAS coaching centre in Kolkata, APTI PLUS is committed to providing the best coaching experience for aspirants.

APTI PLUS seamlessly integrates regular assessments and feedback mechanisms into its teaching process. The institute places a strong emphasis on ongoing evaluation to pinpoint areas of improvement, enabling aspirants to monitor their progress and make necessary adjustments to their preparation.

Yes, many institutes in Kolkata, like APTI PLUS, offer free IAS coaching for students. Adhering to the latest trends and actual standards, APTI PLUS ensures complete exam exposure at each stage of the prelims and mains test series, supplemented by free mock interviews. As a top IAS coaching centre in Kolkata, APTI PLUS is committed to providing the best coaching experience for aspirants.

Access complimentary study materials and notes for IAS preparation at your convenience. APTI PLUS, the best IAS coaching institute, with its team of IAS trainers and subject experts, offers curated study material and high-quality notes tailored for effective UPSC Civil Services exam preparation.

UPSC coaching is essential for all students to appear for the exam. UPSC Coaching institutes have faculty members and IAS experts who can provide valuable guidance throughout the preparation process.

It may not be easy to find the best UPSC coaching in Kolkata. You should do extensive research to find such an academy. APTI PLUS has been a leading force in civil service coaching. We have also earned multiple accolades in recent years. Our track record speaks volumes about its commitment to success in the IAS exam.

APTI PLUS offers post-exam support and counselling beyond the IAS exam preparation. This includes guidance on the next steps after the exam, career options, assistance dealing with the result, and more.

The UPSC exam is conducted in three different stages: preliminary, main, and interview. The UPSC Exam Pattern for prelims has two important papers with objective-type questions. Yet, paper 2 is the one that is qualifying in nature. The UPSC mains paper pattern, on the other hand, consists of 9 different papers.

At APTI PLUS, our seasoned faculty, driven by their vast experience and passion for teaching, follows a tested and unique pedagogy. The one-to-one mentorship program ensures continuous guidance, monitoring, and support for aspirants at every step.

We maintain small batch sizes focusing on individual attention to resolve doubts and confusion about each subject or topic, enhancing the overall learning experience. Our institute offers comprehensive study materials that cover all relevant topics. This enables students to concentrate on essential knowledge and swiftly acquire the skills needed to crack the examination.

You can always visit the official website of UPSC to download the PDF for the latest exam pattern. You can also connect with an institute offering top UPSC coaching to get the detailed exam pattern. For instance, APTI PLUS helps with IAS exam preparation through its excellent set of courses. 

Here are the list of courses offered by the academy as of now:

Sl. No. Types of Courses and Features 
11-year Pre Cum Main Gs Integrated Course for UPSC CSE 2025
2Two Years Foundation Course for UPSC CSE 2026 & 2027
3Distance Learning Programme for UPSC CSE
4UPSC CSE Prelims Test Series 2024
5UPSC CSE Mains Test Series 2024
6UPSC Mains Answer Writing
7Interview Guidance Programme 2023

Candidates who clear the UPSC Mains Exam are eligible for the final interview round. The total marks for this interview round is 275, making the overall UPSC total marks 2025. Enrolling in APTI PLUS, an IAS academy in Kolkata, is a pivotal decision for those aspiring to excel in the UPSC examination and pursue a career in public service. These academies serve as dedicated UPSC coaching centres, specialising in comprehensive civil service exam preparation. Aspirants benefit from expert guidance provided by seasoned faculty members with extensive experience in civil service coaching.

The curriculum covers all aspects of the UPSC examination. UPSC training centres in Kolkata offer various features, including regular tests, doubt-clearing sessions, and All India Test Series participation. Emphasising individual attention, they maintain smaller batch sizes to enhance the quality of preparation.

In the UPSC Prelims exam, there is a deduction of 0.33% of marks for each wrong answer, amounting to 0.66 marks as per the latest exam pattern. Candidates are advised to approach the IAS Prelims exam carefully to minimise risks. A focus on comprehensive exam exposure, covering prelims, mains, and mock interviews, prepares aspirants for the entire examination process. Joining an IAS academy in Kolkata, such as APTI PLUS, equips aspirants with knowledge and instils ethical and responsible leadership qualities essential for a successful career in public administration.

The IAS Mains exam follows the UPSC marking scheme. It comprises Paper A and Paper B. This includes the compulsory language paper, each carrying 300 marks, which is also qualifying in nature. The remaining seven papers are each worth 250 marks. Consequently, the total marks allotted to IAS Mains is 1750.

All candidates have to score at least 25% marks in each of the qualifying papers to clear the main IAS examination. You will be rewarded 2 marks for each correct answer in the exam. However, you must remember about the negative marking policy and attempt only those questions you know the answer to. It is because 0.66 marks will be deducted for each mistake you make in the paper. 

Lakhs of candidates appear for the IAS prelims exam every year. Yet, hardly 25% of the candidates clear it and proceed to the IAS mains exam. Approximately 15% make it to the interview stage from this number.