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    Rules and Regulations of the Apti Plus :

    1. Students are requested to maintain decorum in class and break time/office hours, violation of this will lead to strict disciplinary action against offenders.

    2. Students are advised to sport modest and comfortable clothing while on campus.

    3. If there is any breach of student like conduct against the management, he/she is liable to have strict action taken against him/her, which may include suspension from classes up to expulsion from the institute.

    4. Any student found disturbing a class when in session maybe suspended or issued strict warning which includes communication to guardian/parents.

    5. Students have to attend all mock tests.

    6. Misconduct of any student towards any faculty, student or senior management will dealt with severe consequences.

    7. Apti Plus study material is not for any resale, library purposes or lending on any online forum or market, anyone found liable to do so shall be prosecuted.

    8. Smoking, drinking or chewing any tobacco like substances on campus is strictly prohibited on campus.

    9. Any vandalism, breakage of institute’s property shall have to compensate.

    10. Missed classes by students will not be repeated.

    11. Any disrespect/disregard towards institute staff, faculty or management shall provide grounds for expulsion for a student.

    12. Faculty, Class Timing, Class Schedule & Venue will be decided solely by the Institute Management only.

    13. Institute is having multiple faculty members for a single subject , So the right to appoint/change faculty members anytime according to the availability/administrative necessities during the course is solely by the Institute Management only.

    14. After depositing the fees, if student is disinterested or fails to join the classes in the institute due to any reason whatsoever and wants to take his/her fees (money) back, the institute will not refund the fees on any condition. Fees once deposited cannot be refunded even claimed on the same day of admission.

    15. The fees deposited towards a particular course will not be adjusted against any other course and is not transferable to any other person if a student does not join that particular course.

    16. Any queries from Apti Plus desk are to be made between 10:00 am to 5:30 pm only.

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