WBCS Cut-Off Analysis

The cut-off marks for the West Bengal Civil Services (WBCS) exam determines a candidate’s progression through various stages. These benchmarks vary each year based on factors like exam difficulty, candidate performance, and vacancy count. 

Students should have a thorough understanding of past and expected cut-off trends. It offers insights into the evolving dynamics of this prestigious examination.

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Facts about WBCS Cut-Off

The WBCS cut-off marks are different for Prelims and Mains. They are pivotal for shortlisting candidates. Performance, difficulty level, and category-specific vacancies determine the cut-offs. These indicate the competitive intensity of the exam. 

The Prelims cut-off is a gateway to the Mains. The Mains cut-off, coupled with interview scores, decides the final merit list. These thresholds vary across categories like General, SC, ST, and OBC. 

The cut-off trends exhibit an upward trajectory. This reflects the increasing competition and the elevated standards of the examination. This calls for a robust and well-rounded preparation strategy from aspirants.

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WBCS Prelims 2023 Expected Cut-off Question

The expected cut-off for WBCS Prelims 2023 is a topic of keen interest. Predictions suggest a possible increment in cut-off marks. This is because of exam pattern complexity and rising competition among candidates. Aspirants should monitor these trends closely. They offer a better understanding of the required preparation level.

WBCS Mains 2022 Cut-off

The WBCS Mains 2022 presented a challenging scenario with a competitive cut-off. This was particularly the case for the General category. The high cut-off points reflected the tough nature of the exam. It also implied the standard performance expected from the test taker.

This trend implies a comprehensive and in-depth approach to exam preparation is important. This preparation should focus on both core subjects and current affairs.

The rising cut-off marks over the years highlight the growing competition among candidates. Therefore students must consistently adapt and enhance their preparation strategies.

The WBCS Mains 2022 Exam was held in Kolkata on 29th & 30th September, 1st & 3rd October 2023.

The Cut-Off for WBCS Mains 2022 is yet to be released. Follow us for more details.

WBCS Prelims 2022 Cut-off

Find the below details to know WBCS Prelims Cutoff 2022.

WBCS Prelims Cut-off 2022.

Category WBCS Cut Off- Prelims 2022
General 130.39
OBC-A 130.39
OBC-B 130.39
SC 124.44
ST 104.37
PH – Suffering from Blindness/Low Vision 107.79
PH (Reserved for SC) – Acid attack victims/Cerebral Palsy/Dwarfism/Leprosy cured/Locomotor disability/Muscular dystrophy 83.45
PH – Hearing Impaired (Deaf & Hard of hearing) 102.15
PH – Autism/Intellectual Disability/Mental illness/Multiple disabilities/Specific learning Disability 18.98
MSP 108.81

WBCS Prelims 2021 Cut-off

In 2021, the Prelims cut-off  showed a moderate increase compared to the previous year. This change indicated a balanced difficulty level of the exam. It also showed a consistent performance among the candidates. Aspirants should note these fluctuations. It helps better to align their efforts with the evolving exam standards.

WBCS Prelims Cut-Off 2021

Category WBCS Cut Off- Prelims 2021 (Out of 200 marks)
Unreserved 121.67
Backward Class (A) 121.67
Backward Class (B)  121.67
SC 114.00
ST 94.33
PWD 101.67

WBCS Mains 2021 Cut-off

The Mains cut-off for 2021 continued the trend of growing competition. It set a high benchmark for subsequent years. This trend necessitates strategic and focused preparation. This is especially the case for crucial subjects and answer writing skills.

WBCS Mains Cut-Off 2021

Category WBCS Cut Off- Mains 2021
Unreserved 736.21
Backward Class (A) 720.47
Backward Class (B)  732.27
SC 692.99
ST 608.91
PH(VH) 601.58
PH(HI) 628.73
PH(OH) 683.72
SC(LD&CP) 564.05

WBCS Mains 2020 Cut-off

For 2020, the WBCS mains cut off marked a stringent selection process. It Indicates the rising standards of the examination. This increase highlights that an in-depth understanding of the syllabus is key. Excellent writing abilities, alongside staying updated with current affairs, are also crucial.

Category WBCS Mains Cut Off 2020
Unreserved 1117.00
Backward Class (A) 1073.67
Backward Class (B)  1082.00
SC 998.00
ST 909.67
SC(LD&CP) 909.33
PH(VH) 950.00
PH(HI) 882.33

WBCS Prelims 2020 Cut-off

The 2020 Prelims saw a higher cut-off. It suggested a tougher competition among candidates and a more challenging paper. This shift emphasizes the need for a well-rounded preparation. It should cover all aspects of the syllabus and stay updated with current events.

Category WBCS Prelims Cut Off 2020 (Out of 200 marks)
General 127
BC – A
BC – B
SC 113.6667
ST 98.3333
OBC – A 119
OBC – B 122
PH (LV) 96.6667 
PH (HI) 90
PH (LD & CP) 107

WBCS Mains 2019 Cut-off

In 2019, the Mains exam set a high cut-off. This aligned with the increasing expectations and aspirants’ performance levels. This trend served as a benchmark for future candidates. It indicates the need for thorough preparation and a strong grasp of the subjects.

WBCS Prelims 2019 Cut-off

The Prelims of 2019 marked a significant cut-off benchmark. It shaped the future aspirants’ study plans. This increase highlighted the evolving nature of the exam. It urges candidates to enhance their preparation and focus extensively on critical topics.


WBCS Prelims Cut-Off 2019

Marks (Out of 200)

General 105.13
General P.H 94.21
BC-A 101.05
BCA P.H 88.78
BC-B 101.06
BC-B P.H 86.11
SC 96.18

WBCS Pre Result 2023

The WBCS prelims result 2023 , not to be confused with WBPSC result, has been officially released. To check, go to wbpsc gov in result. It marks a crucial phase in the selection process for aspiring candidates of the West Bengal Civil Services. The West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) conducts the WBCS exam. WBCS prelims results involves multiple stages, with the Preliminary Exam being the first hurdle. 

The results, published on 10th August 2023, determine the candidates who qualified for the Mains Exam. The entire process involves shortlisting candidates. It is based on their performance in both the Prelims and Mains exams. 

The category-wise WBCS Prelims Cut Off for 2022-23 is out as well. It provides candidates with a comprehensive view of the qualifying criteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions on WBCS Cut Off Analysis

1. How is the WBCS cut-off determined?

The cut-off marks also account for category-wise reservations. This ensured fair representation from various social and economic backgrounds. These cut-offs are crucial in maintaining the competitive standard of the exam. It ensures that only the most capable candidates advance to the next stages.

The cut-off marks also account for category-wise reservations, ensuring fair representation from various social and economic backgrounds. These cut-offs are crucial in maintaining the competitive standard of the exam. It ensures that only the most capable candidates advance to the next stages.

Yes, the WBCS cut-off marks differ across various categories like General, SC, ST, OBC, and others. This is a part of the affirmative action policies adopted by the government. It aims to provide equal opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds. 

The variation in cut-off marks reflects an attempt to balance the playing field. It takes into account the historical and socio-economic challenges faced by certain groups.

The WBCS cut-off marks are subject to annual fluctuations due to several reasons. The primary factors include the varying difficulty level of the exam each year. The changing number of candidates, and the fluctuating number of vacancies. 

The overall performance of the candidates in a particular year impacts the cut-off. As a result, the cut-off marks serve as a dynamic benchmark. They reflect the relative competitiveness of each year’s eamxination.

If you want a good WBCS result 2023, you should focus on analyzing the cut-off trends from previous years. This is a key strategy for WBCS aspirants. It provides insights into the evolving standards of the exam.   Understanding these trends helps candidates set realistic performance goals. They can then tailor their preparation strategies accordingly. It assists in identifying the scoring potential in different sections of the exam. It guides aspirants in focusing their efforts on high-yield areas.

Aspirants preparing for WBCS 2024 should utilize the cut-off trends. These are a benchmark to guide their study plans. These trends can help in identifying areas that require more focus. This will then increase the student’s depth of preparation. 

Candidates should aim to score well above the previous years’ cut-offs. This can improve their chances of selection. They should consider the increasing competition and evolving exam patterns. 

This approach requires a balanced focus on all exam segments. This includes consistent practice, and staying updated with current affairs and subject-specific knowledge.