Unlock Your IPS Dreams with Apti Plus Coaching in Bhubaneswar

APTI PLUS holds the number one position among the top IPS coaching centres in Bhubaneswar. The institute offers excellent coaching classes for students. Students are ensured individual attention for each subject. In addition to its quality training, our institution offers the most affordable IPS coaching fees. We guarantee a positive outlook in this study environment. 

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Our Courses- Where Academics Meets Excellence

Check out our exclusive courses designed for the best IPS coaching in India. Excel in your respective subjects by learning under the finest faculty members. 

Top Reasons to Enroll in Our Courses

APTI PLUS is the best centre for IPS exam training for the following reasons:

Multiple Guest Lectures

Attend lectures under the guidance of the best-experienced faculty members at APTI PLUS. Interact with guest lecturers from the country’s top institutions to address any doubts.

Study Materials

Get all the necessary study materials you want for all-around IPS exam training. Our faculty members have structured the materials for better understanding. 

Efficient Teaching Methodologies

Apti Plus offers time-proven methodologies for IPS coaching. We try different approaches, such as one-on-one sessions, to cater to the diverse learning needs of each student. 

Training Workshops

We offer multiple workshops focusing on current affairs to ensure your readiness for the exams. Students are encouraged to ask doubts during these extensive training sessions. 

One-on-One Feedback

Apti Plus believes in personalised training for all students. That is why we organise regular, one-on-one feedback sessions to ensure everyone is equipped with whatever is taught to them in class. 

High-Quality Mock Tests

Mock tests are an important part of civil service exam preparations. That is why we organise regular mock tests for all our IPS coaching students to ensure they remain updated about the exam patterns. 

Hear From Our Students

Listen to what our students have to say about IPS coaching in Bhubaneswar by APTI PLUS. Know how they excelled in the exam with our assistance. 

Meet the Faces Behind the Academic Excellence

Get acquainted with the faculty members at APTI PLUS who have helped our students excel in the civil services exams. They offer the best IPS coaching in India

How to Choose the Best IPS Coaching

You must choose the best centre for IPS coaching in Bhubaneswar to ensure positive results. 

  • Analyse if the faculty members have enough experience in offering IPS coaching.
  • Check if the study material is set according to the recent exam syllabus.
  • Check out reviews and feedback about the institute by past students.


APTI PLUS is the top centre for civil services coaching for the following reasons:

  • This fastest-growing civil services facility offers personalised coaching sessions. 
  • We can help you crack the IPS exam training within a short period.
  • APTI PLUS has a large pool of faculty members who have vast experience in IPS exams.
  • We organise excellent classroom discussions for better understanding among students.

Key Features of Apti Plus

Apti Plus offers the most efficient training for IPS exams. Its key features include:

  • Offers a conducive 360-degree platform that meets every requirement of students.
  • Provides extensive study material to enhance content development and enhanced answer writing skills for the aspirants.
  • Enables step-by-step systematic and thorough coverage of the entire syllabus. 
  • Organises mock tests and interviews to make the students aware of the rigorous selection process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which subject is compulsory for IPS?

There is no compulsory subject for the IPS exam in India. Its selection process involves clearing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam. 

You can search for an ‘IPS coaching centre near you’ to get more details about these subjects. These centres offer specialised training for this civil services exam in India. 

No, you may not find the IPS exam easy without formal training. It is one of the most competitive and challenging exams in the country. That is why you must take IPS coaching from a good institute like APTI PLUS to ensure you pass the exam on the first attempt.