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Who We Are

APTI PLUS is a place that embodies the spirit of determination, creativity, and top-notch UPSC coaching right in the centre of India. Our story began in 2006, driven by a bold mission to revolutionize how civil services exams are prepared. Instead of just being an ordinary institute, we aimed to build a vibrant community where aspirants could nurture their aspirations with the support of experienced mentors.

We’re not just the best UPSC coaching in India. We are your dedicated partners in achieving your dreams. As soon as you walk through our doors, you’ll join a tight-knit community where encouragement, support, and learning go hand in hand. Our success stories are more than just numbers; they’re powerful proof of the incredible results of hard work, expert guidance, and unwavering determination. We had more than 500 students who successfully cracked prestigious exams like IAS, OPSC, and WBCS. And let me tell you, these numbers aren’t just numbers; they represent dreams coming true, ambitions being achieved, and all the hard work and guidance paid off.
We recently received the Global Education Excellence Award from Prime Time and were recognized as the Best Civil & State Services Coaching Institute in West Bengal & Odisha. These accolades simply reinforce our commitment to providing top-notch education and nurturing the talent of our students.

Our journey doesn’t end here. Apti Plus started with a strong belief in the incredible potential of individuals. Today, as we rejoice in the achievements of helping thousands become IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, WBCS, and OAS officers, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. We are determined to establish higher standards, foster more leaders, and make a substantial contribution to the progress of our nation.

Vision & Mission

Our vision goes beyond textbooks and exams. We dream of a place where everyone steps up  as a leader in their own right, driven by integrity, empathy, and a passion for public service. Our mission isn’t just about becoming the best UPSC coaching in India It’s about crafting  leaders who aren’t just book-smart but also heart-smart. We’re all about fostering an  environment that not only teaches the nitty-gritty of exams but also nurtures values and skills  essential to shine as conscientious bureaucrats.Imagine a learning space where personalized guidance meets innovative teaching methods.  That’s what we offer! A supportive atmosphere designed to empower individuals not just to  mug up facts but to understand, analyze, and apply knowledge in ways that truly make a  difference in society.
about us vision and mission
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We’re in the business of nurturing leaders—people who don’t just clear exams and become  civil servants but strive to change the country. We’re here to guide, support, and encourage  you on this transformative journey toward becoming a leader who leaves a lasting, positive  impact. 

Meet Our Faculty Members

Meet our esteemed faculty members at APTI PLUS, who are dedicated to shaping your success. Benefit from their expertise and knowledge.

A Bit More

Apti Plus stands out with a unique teaching approach. Beyond impressive stats, our  blend of innovation, experience, and personalized methods caters to your unique  style. From tailored study materials to interactive classrooms, we employ modern  teaching tricks for lively and effective learning.

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