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Apti Plus serves as your pathway to success in the UPSC Exams. The intricately designed answers unlock the secrets to success in all aspects, encompassing examination strategy, content presentation, and time management. Covering everything from laws to main essays, Apti Plus provides comprehensive guidance for dominating the UPSC.

Our toppers answer sheet UPSC is a beacon to aspirants, guiding them to success. With our comprehensive guidance, experience, and access to hundreds of students’ success stories, Apti Plus revitalises your UPSC preparation. Our experts bring excellence to your fingertips!

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Apti Plus offers detailed videos for UPSC preparation. In addition, you can unlock it with our exclusive UPSC Toppers Answer Sheet PDF. You can download it now for invaluable insights and strategies from the top achievers. Elevate your preparation instantly with Apti Plus!

Toppers' Test Copy: 2023 & 2022

Since its inception, Apti Plus has stood out as a paragon of success across domains. Its achievements are based on unyielding commitment, sustained assistance, and invaluable guidance. Indeed, success at Apti Plus signifies persistence and hard work.

The institute’s determination is palpable in its efforts to unearth hidden abilities and transform them into successes. Apti Plus doesn’t confine its attention to general studies. It provides a UPSC model answer sheet PDF in all subjects. The subjects include sociology, geography, history, and political science.

Ayushi Pradhan (AIR 36, UPSC CSE 2023)

GS- Daily Answer Writing Copies

Koshinder (AIR 588 )

Prajwal Churasia (AIR 694, UPSC CSE 2023)

Chaitanya Khemani (AIR 158, UPSC CSE 2022)

Ishan Sinha (AIR 234, UPSC CSE 2022)

Pradeep Kumar Barnwal (AIR 601, UPSC CSE 2022)

Sourab Das (AIR 815, GS Copies)

Shubham Shukla (AIR 43, UPSC CSE 2021)

Abhijit Ray (AIR 50, UPSC CSE 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who checks UPSC answer copies?

Before the examiner’s meeting, the head examiner reviews a selection of random UPSC Mains answer sheets. Following this evaluation, the examiner’s meeting commences, during which all examiners engage in discussions to establish consensus on assessment standards and criteria for evaluating the papers. Lastly, the UPSC topper answer sheet is released for UPSC aspirants.

Anudeep Durishetty achieved the highest marks in UPSC history. In his 5th attempt in 2017, he secured All India Rank 1 with a total score of 1126 out of 2025. Excelling in the Mains exam with 950 marks, he earned 176 on the personality test. Apti Plus offers the opportunity to UPSC toppers answer sheet pdf download.

Ishita Kishore scored the highest mark of 1094 in 2023, securing the All India rank 1. She belongs to an economic background. Her immense hard work has contributed to her success in the most prestigious exams across India. You can quickly get the UPSC mains answer sheet of toppers in English from Apti Plus!