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If you’re aspiring to pursue the WBCS course, then choose Apti Plus, where you can get the best online coaching for WBCS. Learn from experienced faculty members and take mock test for wbcs mains to excel in the exam.


WBCS General Studies (GS) Course Pre and Mains 2024-25 Details

The West Bengal Public Service Commission conducts the WBCS exam every year. It consists of three different stages:

  • Prelims
  • Mains
  • Interview

Consider enrolling in a WBCS Regular Course or WBCS crash course to prepare for all three stages of this civil services exam. 

The preliminary paper for WBCS focuses on a single paper, General Studies. The main exam includes six compulsory papers and one optional subject with two different papers. Candidates opting for optional subjects appear for Group A and Group B posts. Later, after passing the mains exam, they undergo a personal interview. You can also take WBCS online coaching from Apti Plus to excel in the exam.

For those preparing, it’s crucial to stay updated on important dates like the WBCS mains exam date 2023 (16, 17, 18, & 20 August 2024). Additionally, practicing with WBCS mains previous year question paper can greatly enhance your chances of success.

Benefits from Our Test Series Program for WBCS ​

Apti Plus also offers training on how to prepare for the WBCS mains question paper test series. It enables students to practice efficiently ahead of the examination.

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WBCS prelims and mains mock test preparation

WBCS notes, WBCS Current Affairs from experienced content developers

Guidance on the WBCS mock test from popular academicians

WBCS Prelims& Mains Test Series 2024

Prelims Test series Brochure

Mains Test series Brochure

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The content experts at Apti Plus make sure you do not miss anything before your exam. 

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Our senior panel members at APTI PLUS are committed to your success. Access their help as you check out our specialised mock interview guidance programme. It is considered as one of the best mock interview for upsc in India. The unique blend of traditional mock interview sessions  and modern technology ensures an effective learning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is best for WBCS coaching?

Candidates can enrol at Apti Plus for the WBCS course and other civil services coaching. It is the best WBCS coaching centre in West Bengal. Students learn from teachers from Delhi and West Bengal who have lots of experience teaching the course.

The best part is that students can explore several courses related to WBCS here. Take a look at the benefits of studying at Apti Plus:

  • Complete coverage of prelims, mains, and personality test topics
  • Concept building with WBCS practice set and notes 
  • Doubt-clearing sessions for WBCS test series and other materials
  • Daily assignments and mock tests for better understanding.

Apti Plus offers the following programmes for the WBCS 

  • WBCS+WBPSC integrated course 2024 & 2025
  • 1-year pre cum main integrated course for WBCS & UPSC CSE 2025
  • WBCS mock test 2023 series
  • WBCS mock test 2024 series
  • WBCS prelims mock test series 
  • WBCS Crash Course

You can select the WBCS course of your choice and start training at the academy. You will get access to many things, including:

  • WBCS notes
  • WBCS practice set
  • WBCS test series
  • WBCS prelims test series
  • WBCS mains test series
  • WBCS mock interview
  • WBCS online coaching

The coaching duration at Apti Plus depends on the WBCS course you choose. It usually spans between 1 and 2 years. It covers everything related to WBCS Coaching, starting from the best book for WBCS and other related study materials here. 

The faculty members also prepare you for the WBCS online mock test. You can prepare for the online test series for WBCS and increase your chances of passing the exam on the first attempt.

You will meet many experienced faculty members at Apti Plus who offer the best online coaching for WBCS. Most of them have years of experience teaching at some of the best institutes in India.

The faculty members will guide you through the prelims, mains, and the interview process. They can also teach you how to crack the mock interview for WBCS.

The fees for a WBCS course may be different depending on many factors. Apti Plus offers a comprehensive fee structure for its courses. It also offers a course option for students.  Take a look at the fee structure at Apti Plus:
Course Validity Course includes Mode Price before Tax GST Net Amount
Regular Course (1 year) Prelims + Mains with Test Series 12-14 MONTHS Prelims + Mains, Test Series, Books OFFLINE 1,01,695.00 18,305.00 1,20,000.00
Regular Online Course Prelims + Mains with Test Series 12-14 MONTHS Prelims + Mains, Test Series, Books ONLINE 1,01,695.00 18,305.00 1,20,000.00
Optional Subjects 3-5 MONTHS OFFLINE 30,000.00 5,400.00 35,400.00
Optional Subjects 3-5 MONTHS ONLINE 30,000.00 5,400.00 35,400.00
WBCS Mains Test Series 16 test OFFLINE 2,542.00 457.00 2,999.00
WBCS Mains Test Series 16 test ONLINE 1,694.00 305.00 1,999.00
WBCS Prelims Test Series 16 test OFFLINE 2,202.18 397.82 2,599.00
WBCS Prelims Test Series 16 test ONLINE 1,440.00 259.00 1,699.00

Yes, Apti Plus provides WBCS mains mock test series for all students. It helps you get the best WBCS coaching at an affordable rate. After finishing the prelims, joining the WBCS test series is really important for your preparation.

The Apti Plus faculty members make sure to provide you with the practice set and other materials for more help.

It may be difficult to crack WBCS without coaching. Experts always advise aspiring candidates to take a course or something similar to pass the exam on the first attempt.

No, it is not that difficult to crack this civil services exam. Yet, you need to learn through coaching to pass the exam. Apti Plus is the best WBCS coaching centre that can help with your preparation. 

Yes, WBCS can be a good career option for everyone. You can become a successful civil services officer after passing the exam. You must attempt the WBCS test series to prepare for the exam. It will help you get all the WBCS notes and study material for your preparation.

A candidate who wants to crack WBCS must be able to read, write, and speak Bengali. Only the candidates whose mother tongue is Nepali remain exempted from this requirement. These candidates can seek admission at Apti Plus for WBCS online coaching services. 

The departmental secretary is the highest post in WBCS at current times.

The WBCS profile is divided into different categories- Groups A, B, C, and D. These groups include different posts under the West Bengal Public Service Commission.

You can learn more about these posts when learning WBCS online or offline at Apti Plus. 

Yes, WBCS can be a good career option for everyone. You can become a successful civil services officer after passing the exam. You must attempt the WBCS test series to prepare for the exam. It will help you get all the WBCS notes and study material for your preparation.

The fees for WBCS online can be different based on several factors. Apti Plus offers different courses that cover the series and other stages. 

You can visit the academy’s official website to learn more about the fee structure.

The current WBCS mock test 2023 series is the best online mock for the civil services exam. Apti Plus offers other training programs related to the WBCS online mock test that you may try. 

Yes, a few questions of WBCS may be repeated over the years. You can try the practice set at Apti Plus to get an understanding of such questions. The faculty members here can also teach you how to crack the WBCS mock test 2024, which is another important series that helps you prepare for the exam.  

The faculty members also offer you notes and other guidance to prepare for the civil services exam. 

You can prepare for the interview with the help of proper training under Apti Plus. The faculty members at the institute make you attend the mock interview for WBCS for a better understanding. 

They provide the best online coaching for WBCS to make sure you pass the exam on the first attempt. 

Yes, the WBCS Group C exam also involves a personal interview. Those who are taking the WBCS course already know that the exam has three stages: prelims, mains, and the interview. You have to pass the preliminary exam to reach the mains. 

You can take a WBCS crash course at Apti Plus to prepare for your mains. You will become eligible for the personal interview after passing the mains exam.