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Prepare for success in the Odisha Administrative Service (OAS) exam with Apti Plus. At Apti Plus, the best OAS coaching centre in Bhubaneswar we give merit in OAS coaching. 

Our team offers a proper and planned approach. It guides seekers through the tough terrain of civil services exams. Get ready to excel in the civil services this time.

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Check out the courses offered for the best OAS coaching in Bhubaneswar. Our mission is to help seekers with the 3 pillars for success: knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Why Enrol in Our OAS Exam Courses?

Know why Apti Plus is the best place for OPSC online coaching. Learn how the centre proves its worth as a centre of training.

National Renowned Faculty Members From Delhi

The Civil Services Exams demand top-quality training and preparation. That's why we have renowned faculty members from Delhi.

Integrated Testing System

seekers must undergo a tough learning, revision, rating, and improvement process to ensure their success. The best OAS coaching in BBSR conducts various test series.

Comprehensive Study Material

Experts select and update study material resources often. It helps seekers to understand the syllabus helping them to succeed.

Sessions with Toppers

The top OAS coaching center in Bhubaneswar organises seminars known as 'Toppers' Talk.' These events feature the experiences of successful students.

Enabling framework

The classrooms are well-lit, spacious, and equipped with air conditioning. The advanced framework provides offline and online OAS coaching options in Bhubaneswar.

Affordable Fee Structure

The top-notch OAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar provides exceptional OAS guidance. It is comparable to prestigious OAS Coaching Institutes in Delhi.

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Meet Toppers of APTI PLUS Best UPSC & OAS Coaching Centre in Bhubaneswar. Hear stories of triumph, dedication, and achievement. Join us to embark on your journey to excellence today.

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Get to know our faculty members. They have helped the students excel in this efficient OPSC coaching institute in Bhubaneswar.

How to Choose the Best OPSC Coaching

Selecting the best OAS coaching center in BBSR for training purposes is a critical decision. It shapes your journey toward becoming a successful civil servant in Orissa. 

Apti Plus institute stands out as the best OAS coaching in BBSR. The centre caters to the diverse needs of all seekers and provides effective preparation for the exam.

  • Best OAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar

    One key factor that makes Apti Plus institute the
    OPSC coaching center in Bhubaneswar is its expert faculty. The faculty plays a pivotal role in shaping the learning experience. 


    The Apti Plus team includes seasoned educators having extensive backgrounds in civil service coaching. They have expertise in many subjects, so they take a holistic approach to exam prep.

  • Systematic Exam Preparation

    You must consider the gravity of the exam preparation. The coaching institute offers the same when evaluating OAS coaching centres in BBSR options. 


    Apti Plus emphasises comprehensive preparation and addresses all aspects of the OPSC exam. 

    The institute’s coaching methodology also helps cover the entire syllabus on time. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the civil services seekers prepare for every exam stage.

  • Excellent framework

    A coaching institute’s framework and support are important for the best OPSC online coaching. Apti Plus Institute offers conducive learning conditions with modern facilities. We make way for effective and focused study sessions.


    The institute understands the gravity of the most efficient support system. It reflects a superb framework to enhance the learning experience.

  • Track Record
    You must consider the institute’s position and track record when searching for the best OAS centre in Orissa. Apti Plus has set itself up as a leading force in civil service coaching. 


    We have also earned accolades for its unparalleled success in recent years. The institute’s track record from 2014 to 2022 speaks volumes about its commitment to merit. 

    The faculty members can guide seekers toward success in the OPSC exam.

Why Apti Plus

  • Apti Plus Institute is the best OAS coaching center in Bhubaneswar. It dedicates itself to merit. It offers carefully crafted study material and additional resources for civil services seekers.
  • Expert faculty members curate the comprehensive study material. It covers various subjects relevant to OAS seekers and the dynamic civil services exam curriculum. It fosters comprehensive grasping and critical thinking skills.
  • The institute works on doubt-clearing sessions. It creates a condition where students can seek help. They can also enhance their grasping of various subjects for the OAS exam.
  • Apti Plus, the best OAS coaching in Bhubaneswar provides a comprehensive test series. It includes mock tests and detailed prelims tests. It helps students test their progress under realistic exam conditions.
  • The centre aims to help students memorise facts and understand the underlying concepts. This is possible with expert faculty-led classroom lectures beyond traditional teaching methods. It also maintains transparent fee structures to ensure help for all civil services seekers.

OPSC Exam Pattern Overview

The OAS exam unfolds, comprising a Preliminary exam followed by a Main exam and a personality test.

OPSC OAS Preliminary exam
The OPSC OAS prelims test is a screening exam featuring multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The exam has two papers, each requiring completion within two hours. 
Exam Paper Total Marks Time Duration
General Studies Paper 1 200 2 Hours
General Studies Paper 2 200 2 Hours
OPSC OAS Main exam

The OPSC OAS Main Exam consists of two sections: Mandatory Subjects and Optional Papers. 

PaperMarksAllotted Time
Odia Language2503 Hours
English2503 Hours
English Essay2503 Hours
General Studies 12503 Hours
General Studies 22503 Hours
General Studies 32503 Hours
General Studies 42503 Hours
Optional Subject 12503 Hours
Optional Subject 22503 Hours
Total Marks1750  
OPSC OAS Personality Test
The third stage of the choosing process is this one. Only students who pass the Mains can take the personality test. The personality test carries a total score of 250
  • Intellectual qualities
  • Current Affairs
  • Intellectual and Moral integrity
  • Social traits
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Which coaching is best for OAS?

    The best OPSC coaching in Bhubaneswar (BBSR) and its selection involves taking into account several factors. Apti Plus is the leading OPSC coaching centre in Bhubaneswar. The institute offers the following:

    • Expert faculty
    • Effective classroom lectures
    • Focused prelims test series

    Apti Plus stands out for its commitment to ensuring students understand complex topics. We have a strong position for guiding civil services seekers to success. 

    That is why Apti Plus is the best OAS coaching centre in Bhubaneswar. It has a nurturing condition where dreams turn into reality. Our coaching programs always cater to the diverse needs of OAS aspirants. We offer:

    • Foundation courses
    • Integrated prelims
    • Mains programs
    • Specialised coaching for optional subjects

    The comprehensive study material remains updated. It helps align with the dynamic nature of the OAS exam. It further forms the backbone of our success-oriented approach.

    Get ready to pass your exam with the best OAS coaching in Bhubaneswar. Our planned approach, expert faculty, and guidance set the stage for your win. 

    Join us today, unleash your potential, and conquer the OAS challenge. Our expert faculty members provide attention and guidance. They ensure each student receives a top-notch training.

    The written exam comprises two Stages: the Preliminary and Main exams. students interested in applying for the OPSC OAS exam must pay an application fee of ₹500. However, this fee applies only to general and unreserved category students. 

    students from the SC and ST categories are exempt from paying this fee. Odisha residents with 40% or more permanent disability are also qualified for an exemption. 

    Check out Apti Plus for the best OPSC coaching in Bhubaneswar from brilliant faculty members. Most of them have experiences from the most reputed institutions in the country.    

    At Apti Plus, success isn’t a destination. It’s a journey marked by dedication, guidance, and effective learning. Here, we present the stories of our successful students.

    Here is the fee structure followed:

    CourseValidityCourse includesModePrice before TaxGSTNet Amount
    Regular Course10-12 MONTHSGeneral Studies Prelims-cum-Mains + Essay + CSAT + Mock Tests Of General Studies Prelims – cum- Mains (without Optional)OFFLINE/ONLINE/HYBRID120,000.0021,600.00141,600.00
    Single Optional Subject3-4 months  30,000.005,400.0035,400.00
    Mock Tests (Prelims) 50 tests 4,237.00763.005,000.00
    Mock Tests (Mains) 17 test 8,050.001,450.009,500.00
    Test Series For Selective Optional Paper Optional 4 Tests 2,542.00458.003,000.00

    Prepare for the OAS exam without coaching by grasping the syllabus and creating a focused study plan. Use standard textbooks and online resources and stay updated on current affairs. Solve previous year’s papers and take regular mock tests.

    Stay informed about any exam-related changes through a reputed centre. In Odisha, Apti Plus Institute provides all the resources and guidance needed for successful preparation.

    A routine of 6-8 hours can also be helpful. Going over previous year’s question papers and the current sample papers can help students better understand question types. They should also try solving the exam papers for at least two years. 

    The OAS exam is competitive and tough for all civil services seekers. It requires an efficient grasping of various subjects. The most common ones include general studies, optional subjects, and current affairs. 

    To succeed in the exam, you often need dedicated preparation. You can get this from the best OAS coaching institute in Bhubaneswar. This assists in a clear grasping of the exam pattern and syllabus.

    Apti Plus Institute in Bhubaneswar is a superb coaching institute to consider. This applies if you plan to prepare for the OPSC exam. Evaluate the following factors for the same:

    • The institute’s position
    • High quality Test Series for Prelims & Mains
    • Quality of faculty members
    • Study materials
    • Personalized Mentorship Programme
    • Past results
    • Student feedback

    This institute offers the best OAS coaching in Bhubaneswar. It can provide students with the required information and resources. So, they can prepare for the entire OPSC exam.

    The important study material serves as a valuable tool here. It can help students maximise their chances of success. These seekers of the OAS exam can also achieve their career aspirations. This applies especially in the field of civil services. 

    You can choose our courses based on the subjects and topics. They remain in the exam syllabus if you are preparing for OPSC. You can also choose our faculty’s expertise in those areas.

    Moreover, you can check our course term, study materials, and feedback from our past students. This helps you to make an informed decision.

    Prepare for the OAS Exam, understand the pattern and syllabus, and create a structured study plan. Use quality study materials, stay updated on current affairs and practice previous papers. Enroll in mock tests and revise often.
    Stay informed about exam notifications by attending doubt-clearing sessions. Consistency and focused preparation are crucial for success.
    These exams in Odisha are highly competitive and are difficult papers. students need to know the essential OPSC OAS subjects. It helps boost their preparation by undertaking OAS Coaching in different places.
    This government exam comprises current affairs and general awareness as some of the important topics in the syllabus.
    Sometimes the students face simple, common-sense questions during the interview process. They may have learned the same already during their OAS coaching in Bhubaneswar. They learn to face stress and nervousness by keeping a cool head and responding convincingly.

    The basic pay for an entry-level OAS officer is around INR 56,100 per month. This basic pay is subject to allowances and perks. It includes House Rent Allowance (HRA), Dearness Allowance (DA), and other benefits. 

    The total salary package, therefore, may vary based on factors such as the posting location and individual allowances.

    Moreover, the starting salary of an OAS officer is approximately between Rs 44,700 and Rs 75,000. It usually depends on their rank. 

    The civil services seekers will also receive certain perks and allowances. These remain accepted to their posts along with the OPSC OAS salary per month. 

    Orissa Administrative Service is also the premier State Civil Service. That is why the senior officials of the Service are qualified for “promotion” to the Indian Administrative Service. This is as per rule-8 of the Indian Administrative Service (Recruitment) Rules, 1954

    The age limit for the Odisha Administrative Service (OAS) exam typically varies depending on the category of the candidate:
    1. As per the latest notification, for General Category candidates, the age limit is between 21 to 38 years.
    2. For candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and SEBC, there is an age relaxation of 5 years.
    However, it’s essential to check the official notification on the official website of the Odisha Public Service Commission (OPSC) for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the age limit for the OAS exam, as it may be subject to change or modification by the authorities.

    You can read books like Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth. Other books include Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh, Modern Indian History by Spectrum Rajiv Ahirao and General Science by Lucent Publications. You can also try R.S. Aggarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive exams.

    Then there is Wren & Martin’s High School English Grammar and Composition. Take a look at these recommended books for OPSC OAS Prelims and Mains.

    Here is a list of optional subject books. You must buy them after taking OAS coaching in Bhubaneswar.

    • Philosophy.
    • Physics.
    • Political Science & International Relations.
    • Public Administration.
    • Psychology.
    • Statistics.
    • Zoology.

    The exam consists of nine papers in mains before that one must to qualify the prelims exam which consists of 2 papers each paper carrying 200 marks, In mains Examination out of nine papers, seven papers are compulsory and two are of optional subject. Each paper has a term of 3 hours. Each paper carrying 250 marks.
    Here is a list of the compulsory papers for the OAS Mains Exam:
    • Paper – I Odia Language (250 Marks)
    • Paper – II English (250 Marks)
    • Paper – III English Essay (250 Marks)
    • Paper – IV General Studies-I (250 Marks)
    • Paper – V General Studies-II (250 Marks)
    • Paper – VI General Studies-III (250 Marks)
    • Paper – VII General Studies-IV (250 Marks)
    • Paper – VIII Optional Paper-I (250 Marks)
    • Paper – IX Optional Paper-II (250 Marks)
    Apti Plus offers the best study materials that cover all relevant topics. This enables students to concentrate on essential knowledge. They can also get the skills needed to crack the exam .

    The OAS Exam selection process consists of three different stages

    • Preliminary Exam,
    • Main Exam,
    • Personality Test (Interview).

    students must qualify in each stage to proceed to the next one. The Preliminary Exam is objective. It often acts as a screening test. 

    The Main Exam is a written test. Hence, those students who pass it get ready for the Personality Test. This interview round assesses the candidate’s personality and leadership skills. It also evaluates their knowledge for public service.

    The students need to meet the OPSC OCS age limit to be qualified. It is currently between 21 and 38 years.  students must take all the mock tests to evaluate their respective performances.

    Apti Plus-the best OAS Coaching centre in BBSR, has developed a time-tested and refined teaching system. It dedicates itself to improving your chances of success in the OPSC exam. Our institute consistently updates its teaching methodologies and study materials.

    We further include innovations to ensure a better grasping of seekers’ success. Apti Plus commits itself providing attention to each candidate. This makes it an efficient OAS coaching centre in Bhubaneswar

    Apti Plus employs various teaching methods by recognising the diversity in learning preferences. It includes lectures, group discussions, case studies, and interactive workshops. This approach caters to the unique needs of every seeker.