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Are you interested in appearing for the WBCS exam? Then, you need extensive training from the best WBCS coaching institute. Start your preparation with Apti Plus. It is an efficient WBCS coaching institute in Kolkata that helps students excel in the examination. Access the best-recorded lectures, tests, and study materials at AptiPlus. 

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Our Courses - Where Excellence is Created

Check out our exclusive WBCS courses exclusively at Apti Plus. Prepare for all your respective subjects by learning under the experienced faculty members at the institute. 

Why Enrol in Our WBCS Courses?

Research-based Curriculum

Apti Plus is the best WBCS coaching centre. It has conducted years of planning and research into the fundamentals of its curriculum curated for aspiring candidates. 

Virtual Tests

MCQs are highly effective in competitive examinations like the Bengal civil service exams. Apti Plus helps you prepare for a series of virtual tests you can take up in the comfort of your home. 

Effective Schedules

AptiPlus Institute designs schedules with incredible flexibility without compromising performance. Live out your civil service dreams with WBCS courses that fit right into your life.

Video Lectures

Recorded video lectures covering all your topics are convenient anywhere at any time. This is the WBCS coaching centre in Dumdum and other parts of West Bengal, known for active lectures.

Modern Approach

Expect individual attention from every student at Apti Plus. You can also get in touch with the professors at WBCS best coaching centre in Kolkata, over the official portal. 

Brilliant faculty

AptiPlus has built a team of industry-leading professionals. Rest assured, your learning experience will be top-notch. The WBCS coaching in Kolkata forecasts a bright future for all who enrol here.

Hear From Our Alumni

Know what our students have to say about the WBCS best coaching centre in Kolkata by Apti Plus. Learn from the best students who have made us proud. 

Meet the Faces Behind the Excellence!

Get to know our faculty members who have helped the students excel in this efficient WBCS coaching centre. Know their respective qualifications below.

How to Choose the Best WBCS Coaching

Selecting the best centre to prepare for the WBCS exam is a critical decision that shapes your journey toward becoming a successful civil servant. Apti Plus Academy for Civil Services stands out as a  centre of excellence in Kolkata. It caters to the diverse needs of aspirants and provides comprehensive preparation for the WBCS.
  • Best WBCS Coaching in Kolkata
    What actually makes Apti Plus Academy the WBCS’s best coaching centre in Kolkata is its experienced faculty. These people play a pivotal role in shaping the learning experience. Moreover, the team at this academy is composed of seasoned educators. Most of them have extensive backgrounds in civil service coaching.
  • Exam Preparation for WBCS
    You must consider the comprehensiveness of the exam preparation when choosing WBCS coaching centre options. Apti Plus helps you with this kind of preparation. Our experienced faculty addresses all aspects of the WBCS examination. The institute’s coaching methodology also helps you to cover the entire syllabus systematically. 
  • Infrastructure
    Apti Plus Academy offers the most effective online learning environment with modern facilities. We further help facilitate effective study sessions. The institute understands the importance of a structured support system. That is why it provides infrastructure and other facilities to students for exam preparation. 
  • Positive Reviews 
    It is essential to consider the institute’s reputation and track record for those searching for the best WBCS coaching centre in Kolkata. Apti Plus is one of the leading forces in civil service coaching that has earned several accolades for its success in recent years.

Why Apti Plus

Ranked amongst the best WBCS coaching in Kolkata, AptiPlus thrives on excellent minds and dedicated candidates. AptiPlus goes above and beyond to position itself as a student-friendly institute. It stands out as the best WBCS coaching centre in Burdwan for many reasons.
  • Students get the best faculty, classrooms, and study materials at AptiPlus, making it an efficient WBCS coaching centre. 
  • Regular mock tests deepen your understanding of the topics, preparing you confidently for prelims and mains.
  • Our modernised classrooms, equipped with cutting-edge technology, distinguish us as the top WBCS coaching institute.
  • It is the best WBCS coaching centre in West Bengal that offers several programs to help you excel in exam preparation.
  • The aspiring candidates must undergo training at this efficient WBCS coaching centre in Kolkata to excel in this exam.

WBCS Exam Pattern Overview

The WBCS Exam is conducted in three stages:


  • Preliminary Examination
  • Main Examination
  • Interview

Aspiring individuals can always get more information about the exam pattern by training under the best coaching centre for WBCS.

WBCS Preliminary Examination

The WBCS prelims exam is a screening test to shortlist candidates for the subsequent main exam. 
Subjects Marks Questions breakdown Duration
English Composition 25 25 2 hours
General Science 25 25
National and International current events 25 25
History of India 25 25
Geography of India in regards to West Bengal 25 25
Indian Polity and Economy 25 25
Indian National Movement 25 25
General Mental Ability 25 25
Total 200 200 2 hours

WBCS Mains Examination

The WBCS Mains exam comprises 6 compulsory subjects and an optional subject (two papers for certain candidates). 
S.no Paper Subjects of WBCS Mains Marks Duration of the exam
1. Paper 1 Bengali/ Hindi/ Urdu/ Nepali/ Santali 200 Marks 3 hours
2. Paper 2 English 200 Marks 3 hours
3. Paper 3 General Studies 1 200 Marks 3 hours
4. Paper 4 General Studies 2 200 Marks 3 hours
5. Paper 5 The Constitution of India and Indian Economy, including the role and functions of the Reserve Bank of India 200 Marks 3 hours
6. Paper 6 Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning 200 Marks 3 hours
7. Paper 7 Optional Paper (Only for Groups A and B) 200 Marks 3 hours
8. Paper 8 Optional Paper (Only for Groups A and B) 200 Marks 3 hours

WBCS Personality Test

Candidates are selected after their performance in the Main Examination has been evaluated. Later, they go for the final personality test. Individuals can always seek extensive training from a WBCS best coaching centre in Kolkata to prepare for this particular test. 
Group Marks
Group A and B 200 marks
Group C 150 marks
Group D 100 marks

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WBCS exam pattern?

The West Bengal Civil Service always caters to different civil service positions in the Indian state. This makes it a highly competitive exam because of its immense appeal, applications, and demand. WBCS coaching institutes work behind the scenes to train aspirants diligently. For instance, institutes like Apti Plus aim to help them crack the test on the first attempt. 

Candidates must review the WBCS Syllabus and Exam Pattern carefully to gain insights into crucial details. This includes the exam structure, marking scheme, and exam duration. Candidates must always check the official notification to get more information. It is also said that this time, the specific syllabus and exam pattern for WBCS 2023 will align with the previous year’s syllabus. 

The WBCS exam has three important phases:

  • The preliminary exam
  • The main examination
  • The interview

The confirmed notifications for WBCS are expected to be released in February 2024. Moreover, the selection process for the same will be purely based on merit. So, your search ends with Apti Plus if you are still searching for a ‘WBCS coaching centre near me’ on Google. It is one such WBCS coaching centre that can provide valuable preparation. 

Stay ahead of time and consider joining AptiPlus for exceptional training. With the best exam coaching, you can strive to clear it in one go. 

Apti Plus is WBCS’s best coaching centre in Kolkata that helps aspiring candidates prepare for the WBCS exam. Our extensive curriculum is designed to outrun the competitive exam.

Apti Plus is currently the leading WBCS coaching centre in Kolkata. It offers all kinds of programs for the West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) exam. Strategic and effective preparation is important in the competitive world of WBCS. Hence, this efficient academy ensures aspirants learn about the exam procedure properly on their initial attempt.

The institute has the best faculty of experienced educators. These people have extensive knowledge of the WBCS syllabus. That is how they offer civil aspirants expert guidance. Apti Plus delivers the most extensive curriculum that covers all relevant subjects and topics. It also ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of the exam.

Aspirants receive the highest quality study materials to simplify complex subjects. Regular mock tests and practice sessions familiarise them with the entire IAS exam pattern. It also helps improve time management and enhance confidence.

Apti Plus goes beyond traditional coaching by providing personalised mentoring. This involves offering personal guidance to address individual challenges and areas of improvement. The academy is a trusted choice for aspirants who want the best WBCS coaching in Kolkata. It also has a proven track record of successful candidates who have already given their testimonials. 

Apti Plus is a strategic decision for those students. We especially help those who aspire to excel in their WBCS exam preparation. The institute’s commitment to excellence and a systematic approach make it the top choice for the best WBCS coaching in Kolkata.

Self-study is crucial whether or not you opt for coaching. However, a coaching institute will streamline your syllabus according to your unique studying approach. This increases the chances of you clearing WBCS on the first attempt.

Yes, it may be possible to crack the WBCS exam without coaching. However, you must have the best preparation and increased chances of success. Hence, going for the WBCS best coaching centre in Kolkata can provide valuable guidance and resources. That is why you are recommended to choose Apti Plus. The structured approach and expert faculty at the best WBCS coaching centre in West Bengal can enhance your preparation journey. Our faculty members can also boost your confidence for the competitive exam.

Apti Plus employs a time-tested teaching methodology. This ensures that its students receive the best possible preparation for the highly competitive WBCS examination. The academy takes pride in its efficient study material. This is what helps cover the vast syllabus comprehensively. We always want to go the extra mile by organising multiple guest lectures. It also involves organising current affairs workshops to enhance the learning experience.

UPSC is based on analytical data, whereas WBCS is more information-driven. Those who crack UPSC first will have already covered 90% of the WBCS syllabus. Yet, the remaining topics are specific to Bengal.

The difficulty level of both the UPSC and WBCS can be subjective. Of course, this particular level varies from candidate to candidate. Both exams have their own unique set of challenges and requirements.

WBCS caters to civil service positions in West Bengal. It is usually known for its competitive nature and demands a thorough understanding of the state administrative system, history, and current affairs. 

Joining a WBCS coaching centre in Dumdum or Burdwan can be instrumental in exploring the intricacies of the exam. These coaching centres, like Apti Plus, provide specialised guidance tailored to the WBCS syllabus. This helps ensure that the candidates are prepared for the challenges. Most of these issues are specific to the civil service examination held at the state level.

UPSC is a national-level examination, on the other hand. That is why this exam pattern has a broad syllabus. It usually covers both national and international affairs. It demands an extensive understanding of diverse subjects. It includes the following:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Polity
  • Current affairs at both national and international levels

You can clear the WBCS prelim exams in a matter of 3 months. This is possible if you dedicate yourself and take mock tests. The average study time should be 10 to 12 hours.

Clearing the WBCS exam in three months is a challenging task. This is because this requires dedicated and focused preparation. The key to success within this timeframe lies in going for a strategic study plan and utilising the right resources.

Enrolling in a WBCS coaching centre in Burdwan, such as Apti Plus, can enhance your preparation to a great level. These coaching centres offer 

  • Structured study materials
  • Expert Guidance
  • Regular mock tests

The focused and comprehensive approach provided by coaching centres can expedite your learning process. It can also help you cover the vast syllabus more efficiently.

You must know about current affairs, which is important for all the WBCS aspirants. Moreover, reading newspapers proves to be an effective way to achieve this goal. The choice of newspaper can impact the quality of your preparation effectively. “The Telegraph” is often considered one of the best choices for WBCS aspirants among the various newspapers available. 

“The Telegraph” covers several topics. This includes national and international news, politics, economics, and sports. Its extensive coverage renders it suited for competitive exams like WBCS. This is what demands a thorough understanding of diverse subjects.

Aspirants should also complement their newspaper reading with guidance from the best coaching centre for WBCS in West Bengal. They can do so when preparing for WBCS. Enrolling in a reputable coaching centre, such as Apti Plus, can provide valuable insights, study materials, and strategies tailored to the WBCS exam pattern.

Apti Plus is already recognised as the best WBCS coaching centre in West Bengal. It helps in keeping aspiring candidates well-informed about current affairs. The coaching centre adopts a comprehensive approach to exam preparation, combining newspaper reading with expert guidance. This approach ensures that students are thoroughly prepared for success in the WBCS exam.

The West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) offers a promising and fulfilling career option for all WBCS aspirants. The WBCS exam opens doors to various administrative positions. It provides aspirants with an opportunity to serve the state of West Bengal. The career path in WBCS includes roles in different government departments, such as

  • Administration
  • Police
  • Finance

Opting for a career through WBCS allows aspirants to contribute directly to the development and governance of West Bengal. The administrative positions offered through WBCS come with responsibilities that involve 

  • Decision-making
  • Policy implementation
  • Public service

Being part of the civil services brings prestige and recognition to society. WBCS officers are respected for their contribution to public service and governance. As WBCS aspirants prepare for the exam, they can look forward to a rewarding career that combines public service, responsibility, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The West Bengal Civil Service (WBCS) exam is open to candidates from various academic backgrounds. Moreover, there is no specific “best” stream for WBCS. The eligibility criteria require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university. Therefore, candidates from diverse educational backgrounds can appear for the WBCS exam.

For the WBCS exam, candidates should choose a stream or subject based on their personal interest, aptitude, and familiarity. The exam covers multiple subjects, allowing candidates to select those that match their educational background and capture their interest. This decision involves choosing subjects that not only align with their academic qualifications but also intrigue and engage them personally.

The key to success in the WBCS exam lies in thorough preparation and a clear understanding of the exam pattern, including covering the prescribed syllabus. In this journey, WBCS coaching centres in Kolkata play a vital role by guiding candidates, regardless of their academic backgrounds. These centres provide valuable insights into the nuances of the exams, helping students grasp the intricacies effectively.

For instance, Apti Plus provides expert guidance and study materials to everyone. We aim to help candidates prepare effectively for the exam. It is for all aspirants from arts, science, or commerce backgrounds. The coaching centre tailors its approach to suit the specific needs of each candidate.

WBCS coaching institutes in and around West Bengal offer the most affordable options for coaching. This particular cost ranges between Rs 1,699 to Rs 1,20,000 at Apti Plus. 

Here is what Apti Plus is considered to be the best coaching centre for WBCS

CourseValidity (Months)Course includesModePrice before TaxGSTNet Amount
Regular Course (1 year) Prelims + Mains with Test Series12-14Prelims + Mains, Test Series, BooksOFFLINE1,01,695.0018,305.001,20,000.00
Regular Online Course Prelims + Mains with Test Series12-14 Prelims + Mains, Test Series, BooksONLINE1,01,695.0018,305.001,20,000.00
Optional Subjects3-5 OFFLINE30,000.005,400.0035,400.00
Optional Subjects3-5  ONLINE30,000.005,400.0035,400.00
WBCS Mains Test Series 16 testOFFLINE2,542.00457.002,999.00
WBCS Mains Test Series 16 testONLINE1,694.00305.001,999.00
WBCS Prelims Test Series 16 testOFFLINE2,202.18397.822,599.00
WBCS Prelims Test Series 16 testONLINE1,440.00259.001,699.00