Mastering UPSC with the best IAS coaching in Bhubaneswar

Are you interested in appearing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination? Then, choosing the right institute for IAS Coaching in Bhubaneswar is very important. Begin your journey of cracking the Civil Services Examination at APTI PLUS, the TOP IAS coaching in Bhubaneswar.

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Why Choose Us For Your IAS

With over 500 selections in IAS and OPSC from our institute last year, this stands as a testimony to the popularity of our UPSC coaching in Bhubaneswar. APTI PLUS has established itself as the best IAS coaching in Bhubaneswar and the premier choice for the Union Public Service Commission preparation in Odisha. 

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What Are the Most Popular Courses?​

Our IAS coaching in BBSR Institute offers specialised courses designed as preparation pathways tailored to meet the exam’s demands. 

Making the Most of Our Courses: Why You Should Not Miss Them?

Key features of APTI PLUS the best coaching for UPSC at Bhubaneswar where Learning never stops.  

Most Successful UPSC Coaching Institution

Our institute has held the position of the best UPSC coaching in Bhubaneswar. We have helped approximately 300 students pass the UPSC exam. 

Nationally Renowned Faculty Members

We have experienced faculties from Delhi who work hard to provide top-quality education to the students appearing for the Civil Services Examination.

Novel Teaching Approach

The teaching method is based on the latest UPSC CSE exam pattern. This helps ensure the discussions are done in the classroom. 

Integrated Testing System

As a UPSC coaching in BBSR institute, we guide students through a meticulous revision, learning, improvement and evaluation process. 

Comprehensive Study Material

Experts carefully select and regularly update study materials for the Union Public Service Commission exam. These provide a deep understanding of the syllabus.


APTI PLUS, the top IAS/UPSC coaching in Bhubaneswar, organises 'Toppers' Talk' seminars/webinars where senior IAS, IPS, IRS, and IFS officers share their experiences. 

The Impact of Our Coaching: A Testimonial

Our institute is ranked among the top 10 UPSC coaching in India. Moreover, numerous students achieved higher ranks after studying with us.

A Closer Look at Our Faculty Members !

Meet our faculty members who have helped shape the curriculum of APTI PLUS. This is according to the Indian Administrative Service IAS format and its subjects. 

How to Choose the Best UPSC Coaching

You may have several things going inside your mind when choosing the best UPSC, So, consider the following regarding an IAS coaching centre in Bhubaneswar:

Understand Your Needs and Goals

You must always realise your individual needs and goals before going through the process of choosing a coaching institute.


  • Consider your level of preparation among the top 10 UPSC coaching in India. It often depends on whether you are a beginner or have covered a specific portion of the syllabus.
  • Decide whether you prefer classroom teaching, online courses, or both.
  • Coaching institutes can, in terms of fees, help you decide how much you can invest.
  • Consider if you are open to relocating or if you prefer a local institute.
  • Financial considerations are also vital, so evaluate the fees of coaching institutes to determine how much you can invest. 
  • Think about your willingness to relocate to another place for coaching or if you prefer a local institute.
  • Research reputable options in the region to find the top IAS coaching in Bhubaneswar. 
Research and Shortlist a Few Institutes

Start researching IAS Academy in Bhubaneswar once you have a clear understanding of your needs. Here’s how to do it effectively:


  • Online Research: Utilise the internet to search for coaching institutes. Websites, forums, and social media platforms often provide valuable insights. You may also get to see reviews from past students.
  • Official Websites: Visit the official websites of coaching institutes. This will help you gather information about their courses and course materials. 
  • Attend Demo Classes: Many coaching institutes offer free classes as demo sessions for new students. Attending such demos helps you get a feel of the specific teaching style and quality

Unique Features that Define APTI PLUS

APTI PLUS brings over a decade of expertise marked by consistent performance. The top IAS Coaching Institutes list in Bhubaneswar also has its name. The institute designs resources under some of the best faculty members across the country. 

Notably, APTI PLUS has successfully guided thousands of individuals from various parts of India to become IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, and OAS officers.


  • This is the best IAS coaching in Odisha institute that guides civil services with an affordable fee structure.
  • Dedicated research team that works tirelessly to delineate the best strategy to crack Civil Services.
  • Experienced officers and the best professors serve as your mentors.
  • Standard Batch Size for one-to-one interaction and doubt clearance.
  • A robust management system ensures individual attention to student performance.
  • Stepwise Training: Concepts are built progressively from basic to advanced levels.
  • Structured and Daily Assignments because consistency is the key.
  • Study Plan designed to prepare aspirants one month before the examination. 
  • National-level Mock Tests are conducted regularly (Online + Offline), offering the best test series for UPSC CSE mains in Kolkata. 
  • Performance evaluation conducted throughout the year.
  • Genuine reviews (4.7 * ratings from Google) as the best UPSC coaching in Bhubaneswar.

IAS Examination: Overview

IAS examination is conducted by UPSC of India twice a year. It consists of three phases: 


  • The preliminary exam,
  • The main examination,
  • The interview.

The preliminary examination is all about the initial screening round. The second phase is the Mains, which is a descriptive exam. The candidate must appear for the final interview after they clear the main examination.

IAS Exam Pattern

Per the latest notification, the IAS Examination consists of three selection stages. 


  • Preliminary Examination
  • Main Examination
  • Interview
Preliminary Examination

The Prelims has two different papers. These are described below:

Name of the Paper Nature of Paper Question Marks Duration of the Exam Negative Marking Scheme
IAS exam-1: General Studies Merit Ranking Nature 100 200 2 Hours 0.66
IAS exam-1: General Studies-2 CSAT Qualifying Nature 80 200 2 Hours 0.83

Main Examination

The UPSC IAS mains exam consists of nine papers. These papers are detailed below:

Paper Name of the Paper Nature of the Paper Marks Allotted Time
Paper-A Compulsory Indian Language Qualifying Nature 300 3 Hours
Paper-B English Qualifying Nature 300 3 Hours
Paper-1 Essay Merit Ranking Nature 250 3 Hours
Paper-2 General Studies-1 Merit Ranking Nature 250 3 Hours
Paper-3 General Studies-2 Merit Ranking Nature 250 3 Hours
Paper-4 General Studies-3 Merit Ranking Nature 250 3 Hours
Paper-5 General Studies-4 Merit Ranking Nature 250 3 Hours
Paper-6 Optional Paper-1 Merit Ranking Nature 250 3 Hours
Paper-7 Optional Paper-2 Merit Ranking Nature 250 3 Hours
Total Marks 1750 


The interview is the final stage of the UPSC IAS exam. Candidates clearing the main examination are invited for the interview process. Marks obtained in the main exam and personal interview contribute to the final selection. 

Parameters Description
Traits Tested Mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, the balance of judgement, variety, depth of interest, the ability for social cohesion and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity.
Interview Marks The interview process carries 275 marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which coaching is best for IAS in Odisha?

APTI PLUS offers the top coaching opportunities for students. It is the best IAS institute in Bhubaneswar. Moreover, you can also call it an efficient coaching institution in Odisha. We also offer a comprehensive study plan that covers every subject. Get in touch with them right now to learn at the top UPSC coaching facility in Bhubaneswar.

APTI PLUS is the best place for top IAS coaching in Bhubaneswar. It was founded and run by a team of former civil servants  and efficient faculty members to teach and mentor all the UPSC aspirants. We follow the process of nurturing and creating the next generation of Civil Servants. We endeavour to emulate IAS coaching in BBSR, where the students are trained to achieve what the seniors have achieved themselves.

You must choose the best IAS coaching in Odisha. Only then can you become an efficient IAS or IPS officer. We are also among Odisha’s top 10 UPSC coaching in India. Here’s why you must choose our excellence:

We at APTI PLUS recognise the value of both outcomes and time. Our training approach is planned to be both time- and outcome-focused. Ultimately, we want to enable all the students to pass the UPSC exams on the first try.

APTI PLUS is recognised as one of the leading coaching centers for IAS in Bhubaneswar. The institute has received numerous accolades, including the prestigious Times of India Business Award 2022 for Best Civil Services Coaching. With a proud history spanning 15 years, APTI PLUS offers students across the nation customised and scientifically designed study materials tailored to align with the syllabus.

At APTI PLUS, we believe in going beyond to ensure your consistency. Our approach involves one-on-one coaching, regular evaluations, in-depth lectures, and comprehensive study guides. The holistic educational program at our UPSC coaching centre is designed to assist you in developing a thorough understanding of the subjects.

We are always committed to guiding you through the challenging journey to becoming a civil servant. Our students at APTI PLUS thrive in a supportive environment that fosters camaraderie. Moreover, we also actively promote collaboration and strive to stimulate each student to reach their maximum capabilities.

The fee for the IAS coaching in Bhubaneswar program for a year is approximately Rs.1,41,600/-.

Meanwhile, it is Rs.1,60,000/- for the two-year program.

Here is a breakdown of the UPSC fee structure at APTI PLUS, the best IAS coaching institute. 

CourseValidityCourse includesModePrice before TaxGSTNet Amount
1 Year Integrated Pre Cum Mains1 YearGS ALL + CSAT + ESSAY + Test SeriesOffline120,000.0021,600.00141,600.00
1 Year Integrated Pre Cum Mains1 YearGS ALL + CSAT + ESSAY + Test SeriesOnline120,000.0021,600.00141,600.00
2/3/4 Years Foundation Pre Cum Mains2/3/4 yearsGS ALL + CSAT + ESSAY + Test SeriesOffline/Online120,000.0021,600.00

141,600.00(1st Year)

(Each subsequent year 35400/-)

Distance Learning Programme (DLP)1 YearBooks, Recorded, Classes + Test Series 50,000.009,000.0059,000.00
Optional Subject4-5 months Online30,000.005,400.0035,400.00
CSAT for Prelims with Test Series   15,000.002,700.0017,700.00
Personalised Mentorship Program4 months Online12,711.002,288.0014,999.00
Mains Mock Test Series 2023365 days*15 TestsOnline/Offline9,321.181,677.8210,999.00
Prelims Test Series Platinum365 days*60 TestsOffline8,474.001,525.009,999.00
Prelims Test Series Platinum365 days60 TestsOnline6,695.001,205.007,900.00
Mains Answer Writing Evl. Program1 month15 Answer monthlyOnline1,017.00183.001,200.00

Preliminary and main test preparation typically costs between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 1,40,000 at numerous coaching centres. The optional subject has different fees. Students can opt for financial assistance.

APTI PLUS is  one of the most efficient places for the best IAS coaching in Odisha. We are among the top-ranked coaching institutes with affordable fee structures in and around Bhubaneswar for UPSC online coaching classes.

We aim to offer the best classes for UPSC coaching in Bhubaneswar, India. The students will learn the top tricks to clear the examinations with step-by-step guidance from our trainers. This will further make the IAS study simple. Unique and innovative learning methodologies, superior and dedicated faculties,  and focus on the right techniques are some of the unique features that make our students clear the exam in the very first attempt.

At APTI PLUS, we understand that successful actions and decisions from both faculty members and students contribute to reaching our goals. With this in mind, we take strategic steps to provide the best education to all our students. Through knowledge-sharing and subject lessons, we aim to mould them into the finest IAS aspirants dedicated to serving the people.

 IAS has an age limit and restricted attempts based on your category. You can opt for IAS coaching for around 1-2 years, depending on your preparation.

APTI PLUS offers post-exam support and counselling. This often goes beyond the best IAS coaching in Bhubaneswar. This includes guidance on the next steps after the exam, career options, assistance dealing with the result, and providing comprehensive support for aspirants’ holistic development. We also employ various teaching methods such as lectures, group discussions, case studies, and interactive workshops, recognising the diversity in learning preferences. This approach caters to the unique needs of every aspirant.

With many options available, APTI PLUS Academy also stands out as a beacon of excellence in Odisha, catering to the diverse needs of aspirants and providing comprehensive preparation for the IAS exam.

 This course is specifically crafted for students in the final year of their college graduation. The foundation course is enriched with high-quality content aimed at assisting candidates in qualifying for the examination. It incorporates live essays, mock tests, answer-writing sessions, and personalised student mentorship.

When evaluating UPSC coaching in BBSR options, it is crucial to consider the comprehensiveness of exam preparation provided by the coaching institute. APTI PLUS strongly emphasises comprehensive preparation, addressing all aspects of the UPSC examination. The institute’s coaching methodology is tailored to systematically cover the entire syllabus, leaving no stone unturned to ensure aspirants are thoroughly prepared for every stage of the exam.

APTI PLUS Academy provides a conducive learning environment equipped with modern facilities. This helps us foster effective and focused study sessions. The institute invests in state-of-the-art infrastructure upon recognising the significance of an efficient support system. This helps us enhance the overall learning experience for its students.

With over 8 years of expertise and a track record of consistent performance, APTI PLUS Academy coaching centre stands out. The academy conducts National-level Mock Tests at regular intervals to keep students consistently prepared. Personal mentors are assigned to provide students with constant support and guidance. Structured plans and academic resources are also provided to ensure students excel in their UPSC exams.

Beyond the core coaching programs, APTI PLUS Academy stands out as the best IAS coaching in Odisha due to its holistic approach. The institute offers a variety of supplementary programs, such as doubt-clearing sessions, mock interviews, and the All India Test Series. These additional offerings contribute to a more comprehensive and well-rounded preparation for the IAS exam.

Our team of IAS trainers and subject experts provides meticulously curated study materials and high-quality notes designed to facilitate effective preparation for the UPSC Civil Services exam.

For your preparation, the instructors at a coaching institute are crucial. Do your homework on the instructors and their Civil Services Exam teaching experience before choosing an IAS coaching in Bhubaneswar.

APTI PLUS has assembled a group of eminent academics with national recognition. Our faculty comprises academics, investigators, officers, former government employees, and recent graduates. Each instructor brings a wealth of experience, having previously worked at prestigious IAS coaching institutes in India, including Delhi’s Vajiram and Ravi, Rau’s IAS Study Circle, and other renowned IAS training centres. Every instructor at APTI PLUS attends classes at some of India’s best coaching facilities.

To align with the dynamic nature of the evolving exam, the IAS coaching facility in Bhubaneswar adapts its curriculum and pedagogy. Candidates receive comprehensive instruction through a phased training approach. The institute organises small groups to facilitate one-on-one interaction with mentors, ensuring an optimal learning atmosphere. Professionals conduct regular and in-depth assessments of each candidate’s performance. Moreover, the institute boasts a well-stocked library with an extensive collection of books and journals. Candidates are encouraged to reach out for clarification via phone or email.

APTI PLUS Academy, recognised as the best IAS coaching facility in India, has introduced the innovative Advanced Learning Management System (LMS) for online lessons. This carefully curated online curriculum ensures candidates experience an exceptional educational journey. Our dedicated research and development team is committed to continually creating pioneering programs to enhance online education. Collaborating with India’s leading instructors, the LMS is a transformative initiative that brings top-notch education directly to your home. Our primary objective is to guide UPSC candidates towards success by significantly improving their preparation. As an institute, we unwaveringly commit to consistently raising the standard of civil services education in both Bhubaneswar and Kolkata.

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