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Different Stages of the WBCS Examination:
Eligibility Criteria for the WBCS Preparation:
Why should you join Apti Plus Academy for Online WBCS coaching in West Bengal?
How to prepare for the examination through the WBCS coaching in Kolkata?
Why should you join Offline Apti Plus Academy for WBCS coaching in Kolkata?

Complete Guide for WBCS Preparation in Kolkata

Preparation for the WBCS examination requires immense dedication and hard work. Correct guidance for the WBCS coaching in Kolkata will make this examination seem easy. WBCS or West Bengal Civil Services examination is a governing recruitment body for the vacancies available for the state service of West Bengal. WBCS releases all the notifications related to the test on their official website and invites aspirants to this test each year for the recruitment of the different posts in the ministries and departments under the West Bengal government.

All the eligible aspirants might apply for the examination online after the notification release. The primary purpose of this write-up is to provide information to the candidates about the WBCS test and offer full guidance on WBCS coaching in West Bengal. You can prepare yourself for both online or offline classes for WBCS coaching in Kolkata.

Role of Best Coaching in the WBCS Examination:

WBCS coaching in Kolkata plays a significant role in its preparation. It also acts nearly like a catalyst in enhancing the chances of success and the preparation process. It depends on the aspirant whether they will select the best WBCS coaching in West Bengal or not. In addition to making you successful, WBCS coaching in Kolkata also decreases the candidate’s workload by guiding them to study what is required. UPSC Coaching in Kolkata also delivers an overall pattern of the examination and the changing dynamic pattern. However, you should note that only WBCS coaching in Kolkata is not the key to success; you also have to work hard for that. IAS Coaching in Kolkata will only offer a surrounding for the overall development, which is exceptionally significant for any examination.

Different Stages of the WBCS Examination:

WBCS examines the candidates in total three stages, which are:

1. WBCS Preliminary Examination:

There is only one paper in the preliminary segment of the WBCS examination of 200 mental ability and General Studies questions. Remember that the preparation for a preliminary exam is necessary through the WBCS coachingas it will qualify you for the next round. The marks obtained in the preliminary examination will not get included in the final test. Only the marks pursued in the main exam and the interview will get considered while preparing the cut-off marks for the WBCS examination.

WBCS Preliminary Examination Syllabus:
  • General Science consists of questions from the Biology, Physics, and chemistry of the 10th class examination.
  • Current affairs consist of the largest portion of the exam. Students should have complete knowledge of the current affairs of at least one year. However, there might be some questions that might come from the old current affairs.
  • Include general subject understanding of the West Bengal History. You should have basic knowledge of the history of West Bengal and India.
  • Questions are also related to the social, physical, and economic Indian geography. It includes the primary features of the Indian natural resources and agriculture. There will also be questions on the industries and their different location. Thus you should sharpen your skills of mapping to have a good understanding of the geographic locations. WBCS coaching in West Bengal will help you in this preparation.
  • There will also be questions based on the political system of India, like community development, planning in West Bengal and India, and Panchayati Raj.
  • Questions related to the character and nature of the resurgence of the 19th century, nationalism growth, and Independence attainment will also be present. You have to explain them with relevance to West Bengal. You should also include knowledge of the West Bengal Culture and an understanding of the people.
  • You also require having prepared for the mental ability questions through the WBCS coaching in Kolkata. This segment might include number and letter series, coding and decoding, problems relevant to the shapes, relations, and sub-sections, odd man out, and many more.
  • English compositions like antonyms and synonyms, idioms and phrases, fill in the blanks, and verbal verbs.
2. WBCS Main Examination:

In the main segment of the WBCS examination, there are a total of 8 papers. In the main exam, out of 6 compulsory papers, there are a total of four multiple types of question choice, which are:

  • General Studies I
  • General Studies II
  • The Indian economy and the Indian Constitution, including functions and roles of the Reserve Bank of India
  • Test of reasoning and Arithmetic

Candidates should note down that the optional paper is only present for the aspirants who will be appearing for the exam of Group A and B of the WBCS. The total mark for the main examination is 1600 marks. Every paper of the mains is descriptive, and the general Hindi and English paper will be up to the senior secondary level. The total number of candidates allowed in the main examination will be more than 15 times the vacancies in every category.

3. WBCS Interview:

The interview stage will be 200 marks. It is a viva-type question-and-answer type series where questions are about the educational background and the current affairs, which are asked from the candidates. The viva will test the candidate’s personality and will be of general interest. It will also test the intention of the alertness of the candidate. For the WBCS examination preparation through the WBCS coaching in West Bengal, the examiners will also pay attention to the candidate’s physique and bearing. The interview will be held either in English or Hindi based upon the candidate options they have selected.

Eligibility Criteria for the WBCS Preparation:

There are some requirements that you have to follow before appearing in the WBCS examination. Some of them are as follows.

1. WBCS Age Limit:

The minimum age limit to appear in the WBCS examination is 21 years, and the maximum is 37 years for the general category. The OBC, ST, SC can have a relaxation of 5 years in the upper age limit.

Group Minimum Age in Years Maximum Age in Years
A and C 21 36 on January 1st of the examination year
B 20 for the WBPS services only 36 on January 1st of the examination year
D 21 39 on January 1st of the examination year
2. WBCS Educational Qualifications:

To sit for the WBCS examination, the aspirant must include a degree from any recognized university equivalent to the Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, and Science or on any technical subject. Aspiring graduates who will be appearing for the final semester this year can also appear for the examination.

Other Special Conditions:

Post for WBCS Special conditions
Group B service for West Bengal Police Service Minimum male and female  candidate height requirements are 1.65 meters and 1.50 meter, respectively There can be a relaxation in the height if the candidate is from the Gharwalis, Gorkhas, or Assamese tribal races You have to mention the height in the application form and the appropriate column
Assistant Canal Revenue Officer Have to operate in the remote segments, and the jurisdiction will fall under large village areas.
West Bengal Junior Social Welfare service You should have a certificate or diploma in deaf and dumb or blind training as it is one of the essential criteria for the post. Male candidates will remain unsuitable for the female institutions and vice versa.
West Bengal Subordinate Land Revenue Service Grade I Should include good working knowledge in both speaking and writing the Bengali language Candidates with Nepali mother tongue will have to pass a departmental Bengali examination within two years You will be appointed provisionally and have to undergo six months service training period The training will include various subjects like the record of rights preparation. Elementary instructions, revenue laws, cadastral survey, and other related laws for the service Candidates who cannot pass the training will be discharged from the service with no notice

Why should you join Apti Plus Academy for Online WBCS coaching in West Bengal?

Well, both online and offline IAS/UPSC Coaching in Kolkata comes with innumerable benefits. But in this segment, we will check out why online WBCS coaching in Kolkata will be beneficial for your career.

⇒ Convenience:

Offline WBCS coaching in West Bengal comes with a fixed schedule which is not the case for the online ones. Online coaching is exceptionally flexible, and candidates can save ample time without traveling from home to college to the tuition center.

⇒ Rescheduling:

One of the largest benefits of WBCS coaching in West Bengal is that you will not miss any topic or lecture. You might watch the recorded lectures and classes anywhere and anytime on your mobile or laptop. Online WBCS coaching in Kolkata has become one of the best ways to prepare for the WBCS examination. It is perfect, especially for the working women or housewives, to study or watch the classes whenever they are free.

How to prepare for the examination through the WBCS coaching in Kolkata?

Now, in this segment, we will tell you some tips on how to prepare for the examination through the world-class Apti Plus Academy’s WBCS coaching in West Bengal.

1. For the Preliminary Examination:
  • Focus on the basics of the tests. Thus you have to go through the syllabus thoroughly. You can also study the previous year’s question papers and understand what the exact examination requirements are. The questions papers and the syllabus will assist you in deciding what to omit and what to study.
  • Read one of the leading English and Bengali newspapers daily. In the WBCS coaching in Kolkata, we always guide our students to follow what the state and the central government are doing for the people. Pay close attention to the famous personalities and facts of West Bengal.
  • Always follow NCERT books authorized by the government and represented in the form of the WBS examination. Go through these books and understand the pattern of the questions. If you have already read these books before, then go to them again rapidly. Never skip any chapter of these books under any situation.
  • Always keep your notes accurate and short. Whenever you finish one chapter, create notes for it. In Apti Plus Academy, we will also provide the entire notes for every chapter for the WBCS coaching in West Bengal. This practice will take you a long way in your career.
  • Prepare book lists during your preparation for WBCS coaching in Kolkata. Never read any book that is for a specific subject. Pick the best ones and revise through them repeatedly.
  • Revision is the inevitable step for the WBCS examination. Revise as much as you can and whenever possible. Start answering the questions from the first day and remain ahead of the competition in WBCS coaching in West Bengal.
  • Appear for various mock tests in the WBCS coaching in Kolkata to polish the knowledge. Often test series will prepare your brain to remain prepared for the D Day. It will also help you to acquire the technique of elimination method.
Subject Wise Distribution of the Marks:
Subject Expected question number according to the latest trend
Medieval, ancient, and modern history 15 to 20
International relations and Indian politic 10 to 12
Social and Economic Development 5 to 7
Geography 10 to 15
Biodiversity and Environment 10 to 12
Technology and science 12 to 20
West Bengal General Knowledge 15 to 20
Logical Reasoning 15 to 20
National and International Current Events 15 to 20
Interpersonal skills, decision making and problem-solving, behavioral psychology 20 to 25
Comprehension and blanks English 10 to 15
2. For Mains Examination:

You need to follow all the preparation points of the preliminary examination. Supplement the studies with the material from different government studies like Yojana, Policy Research studies, and UPSC. The materials present on that official website are 100% correct.

3. For the Interview:

For excelling in the interview or the personality test, you have to attend regular mock interview setups in the Apti plus Academy during WBCS coaching in West Bengal. It will assist you in getting acknowledged with the questions and answers that the examiner might ask the candidates. It will also help you to prepare for the final exam. Go through the application form thoroughly and keep yourself updated with all the latest issues and incidents that you might be able to talk about thoroughly.

Different Books for the preparation of the WBCS coaching in Kolkata:

Now let us go through some of the must-have books you should study during your time for WBCS coaching in West Bengal.

  • History:   NCERT books for medieval and ancient India and Spectrum for Modern India
  • Indian Economy:   Go through the booklet of the Apti Plus Academy. A large number of economic questions come from current affairs also.
  • Environment:   IGNOU material and Apti Plus Academy booklet is more than enough
  • West Bengal:   You can pick any book for the preparation of the West Bengal special. For instance, you might pick Upkar publication, PD yearbook, and yearly compilation of Ghatna chakra for the West Bengal special preparation.
  • Geography:   NCERT books of classes 11 and 12 with G.C Leong Book. Also, keep Orient Blakswan Atlas for mapping the mountains, rivers, and places on the Atlas.
  • General Science:   Tata McGraw Hill book, NCERT 6 to 12 books
  • Politics:   Always go for M. Laxmikant, which is the best for the purpose.

Fee Structure for the WBCS coaching in Kolkata:

If you want to take admission for IAS/UPSC Coaching in Kolkata or for WBCS coaching in Kolkata in Apti Plus Academy, then you should keep in mind that the admission is made on a first-come, first-serve basis. The preparation for the interview stage is completely free of cost that has passed the main examination. The total fees for WBCS coaching in Kolkata are inclusive of all the study materials and the cost.

Once you have submitted the fees for the IAS/UPSC Coaching in Kolkata, then Apti Plus Academy will not refund the money under any situation. No cancellation request will also not be entertained in this regard. There is no discount available for the 2-year foundation course for WBCS coaching in Kolkata. We accept DD or cheques in the name of Apti Plus Academy. The course fee for the ongoing Graduates Foundation course is 1,18,000 INR for both online and offline modes.

Batch & Timing for WBCS Coaching in Kolkata

Batch Available: Weekend (Saturday & Sunday-15 Hours) only at Salt Lake Center .

Procedure For Enrollment

The student should send us:

1. The enrollment Form, completed and signed, and with a passport size photograph pasted in the space provided.
2. Documents Required
A) One recent passport size photograph
B) One highest qualification certificate photocopy
C) Candidate’s / parent’s address proof

NOTE : Enrollment forms without the three photographs will not be accepted.

Why should you join Offline Apti Plus Academy for WBCS coaching in Kolkata?

Apti Plus Academy is like a solution to all the different queries of the civil services examination. We are here to make sure that we have only the best quality and experienced faculty in our team. We deliver only the high standard study materials, and candidates do not have to hustle anywhere to collect the same. You can rely on the Apti Plus Academy for the WBCS coaching in West Bengal as we offer an overall development facility for the aspirants through learning surroundings. Apti Plus Academy delivers a specialized course for the WBCS coaching in Kolkata that includes:

  • All-time availability of the high definition video lectures that you might watch from your home comfort and any device. It includes digitized and specialized classes that concentrate on creating the students’ conceptual base knowledge. Experts on the subject matter offer technological feedback and support to the students.
  • More than 400 hours of a foundation lecture course on the WBCS examination. This course includes all the detailed coverage of the WBCS topics based on the syllabus. Some of the most senior and reliable faculty and experts taught this course. It is also supported by the updated and dynamic content team. Every student also gets personal attention from the teachers in case they face any difficulty.
  • The WBCS coaching in West Bengal is available at a much affordable cost
  • Regular test series helps to enhance the time management and the accuracy
  • Complete study material available in both soft and hard copy, which covers the updated, static, monthly, and daily current affairs

Lastly, we will always have faith in you and prepare for the battle of WBCS preparation by including a successful strategy to remain ahead of your competitors. The WBCS test is not only about how you have worked hard but also about how smart you have worked.

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