Anushka Sarkar’s remarkable journey from a dedicated UPSC aspirant to achieving the prestigious All India Rank (AIR) 426 is a testament to her unwavering commitment, resilience, and passion for serving the nation. Her story not only inspires but also illuminates the path for countless aspirants striving to make a difference through civil services. Let’s delve into her captivating narrative, unravelling lessons of perseverance, passion, and purpose. Along the way, she encountered setbacks but never wavered in her commitment, emerging as a shining example of determination and grit.

Background and Inspiration: 

Anushka Sarkar, a girl from Srirampur, surprised everyone by succeeding in the UPSC exam after failing four times in a row. Hailing from West Bengal, Anushka was ignited with the spark of public service at an early age. However, a chance encounter with an IAS officer ignited the flames of inspiration within her. Witnessing firsthand the transformative impact of dedicated civil servants, Anushka found her calling in the realm of public policy and governance.

During her Master’s program in Development Studies at the National Institute of Technology Rourkela, Anushka delved into research projects that exposed her to the intricacies of social issues plaguing the nation. Guided by her insatiable curiosity and fueled by a desire to effect positive change, she embarked on a journey of exploration and enlightenment.

Her Journey:

Anushka, who is originally from Srirampur in Hooghly, set out on an incredible trip driven by determination and perseverance. She began her academic journey at St. Joseph’s Convent School and later graduated with a degree in Geography from Lady Brabourne College. Subsequently, she pursued post-graduation at NIT, Odisha, where she first learned about the UPSC exam.

Despite initially attempting the exam without preparation, Anushka’s first endeavour did not yield success. Undeterred by failure, she persisted in her pursuit of the civil services dream. Returning to her state, she enrolled in the Civil Services Study Centre, determined to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals.

With unwavering perseverance, Anushka continued her efforts, facing the UPSC exam year after year. Despite encountering challenges and setbacks, she remained steadfast in her resolve. After four attempts, her persistence paid off, and she secured a commendable rank of 426 in the UPSC merit list.

Reflecting on her journey, Anushka acknowledges the moments of despair and disappointment she endured. However, she remained resilient, reminding herself of the countless opportunities for growth and contribution. She emphasises perseverance and positivity in her advice to prospective civil servants, stressing that obstacles are not the end but rather stepping stones to success.

Anushka has accepted study offers from famous universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and the London School of Economics, but she is unwavering in her dedication to serving her nation’s citizens. As she awaits service allocation after passing the UPSC exam, this determined young woman from Srirampur is poised to make a meaningful impact through her dedication and service to the nation.



Anushka’s professional journey is marked by a series of enriching experiences that have shaped her into the formidable individual she is today. Her stints as a research intern at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, provided her with invaluable exposure to diverse research methodologies and analytical techniques. These experiences not only sharpened her research acumen but also instilled in her a deep sense of responsibility toward addressing societal challenges.

Subsequently, her role in content development at AmplifyWorks allowed her to harness her creativity and communication skills to disseminate knowledge and information effectively. Through her work, she endeavoured to bridge the gap between policy discourse and public understanding, thereby fostering informed decision-making and citizen engagement.


Aspirations Beyond Self:

  • Anushka’s aspirations transcend mere personal achievements. They are rooted deeply in her fervent belief in inclusive development and equitable governance.
  • In her ideal future, everyone will be able to prosper regardless of their upbringing or current situation. 

Contribution to Policy Formulation:

  • Anushka’s ultimate goal is to meaningfully contribute to the formulation and implementation of policies that foster sustainable development and social justice.
  • She is driven by a desire to address systemic issues and create positive change at the policy level, advocating for measures that promote fairness and equality.

Focus Areas:

  • With a keen focus on education, healthcare, and skill development, Anushka aims to address key pillars of societal progress.
  • She recognises these areas as fundamental to empowering individuals and communities, laying the foundation for a prosperous and equitable society.


Tips She Gave for Aspiring Civil Servants:

Overcoming Challenges:

  • Anushka’s journey to success has been filled with challenges and setbacks, but her unwavering resolve and indomitable spirit have been her guiding lights.
  • She encourages aspiring civil servants to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

Drawing from Experience:

  • Drawing from her own experiences, Anushka imparts invaluable wisdom to aspiring civil servants, offering insights garnered from her journey.
  • She stresses the value of perseverance and keeping an optimistic attitude, particularly in times of uncertainty and doubt.

Embracing Failure:

  • Anushka sees failure as a platform for both career and personal development rather than as a barrier. 
  • She advises aspirants to embrace failure as an opportunity to learn, evolve, and refine their approach towards achieving their goals.

Focus and Strengths:

  • Anushka’s mantra revolves around staying focused on the goal and leveraging one’s strengths to navigate challenges effectively.
  • She encourages aspirants to maintain clarity of purpose and harness their strengths to overcome obstacles on their journey towards success.


Anushka Sarkar’s story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspirants embarking on the arduous journey of UPSC examinations. Her resilience, determination, and unwavering commitment to public service exemplify the ethos of civil services. Moreover, her association with Apti Plus Academy underscores the transformative impact of quality coaching and guidance in realising UPSC aspirations. As Apti Plus Academy continues to nurture and empower aspirants like Anushka, it reinforces the belief that with dedication, perseverance, and the right guidance, anything is achievable. Anushka Sarkar’s journey is not just a testament to her individual triumph but also a testament to the collective potential of passionate individuals striving to make a difference in the world.

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