You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure. – Gordon B. Hinckley

NCERT Course

The foundation of UPSC preparation is laid by NCERT Books. The initial 2-3 Months of the preparation should be focused on NCERT Books Only.


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  • There is stage wise training to unlock understanding.
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  • First and foremost, just like any robust civil engineering structure requires a strong foundation similarly it is important to get the essential things right. One should therefore begin with the NCERTs.
  • Do not run after numerous sources. Limit the starting phase of preparation to these books. Keep telling yourself that aim is not to master the plethora of books available in the market but to ace UPSC CSE by doing smart preparation.
  • Now, aspirants might ask what should be covered and what should be left? Answer is very simple. You need to do two things. One, be thorough with the syllabus. It should be on your tips. Two, go through the previous years’ questions to get a rough idea on what is asked and how it is asked.
  • Remember, this is a slow process. It will take you at least a month to adapt and gain clarity on things.
  • SMART STRATERGY with the following key points kept in mind:
  • Learn in multiple ways: Human brain is able to learn better when we see, hear and read; rather than when we read alone. So, just don’t read a particular topic, watch a video or hear a podcast on the same.
  • Read multiple subjects in one day
  • Take handwritten notes
  • Learn by association: we read that WBCs are cells of the immune system. If we remember them as soldiers, it would be easy to recall that they protect the body from foreign invasion.
  • Simplify the information
  • Read textbooks effectively
  • Don’t cram, understand
  • Keep revising at regular intervals
  • Once you cover the NCERTS, start giving very basic mcq tests.
  • For mains, start with back exercises at the end of the chapters given in NCERTs.
  • Basic understanding of subjects
  • Very simple language, lucid and written in a very neutral perspective makes NCERT , the base of entire UPSC preparation.
  • Conceptual understanding through NCERT’s books helps in understanding current issues , reading newspapers in an efficient way and making the most of other supplementary books.
  • Mains answer writing language should be similar to the writing style of these books which make them as the fundamental element while preparing for the Mains examination
  • Prelims questions directly asked from NCERT’s
  • 20-30 basic questions still being asked which has direct linkage to NCERT’s
  • In the sea of information freely available across internet and various books of various publications, checking for authentic and reliability is quite a tedious task.

NCERT is the basic reading book which extensively covers the civil services examination syllabus pattern in a very simple and lucid manner. It eases the learning process in the initial stage and boosts the self-confidence of the civil service aspirants. It has the touch of eminent authors, builds the basic concepts, acts as a genuine source of information and as a direct source of questions asked in exams.

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  • Exam-oriented coverage of all NCERTS
  • COURSE FEES: Rs. 35,400/-
  • VALIDITY: 2 Months
  • skilled

    Akhilesh C Srivastava

    General Science and Science and Technology

  • skilled

    Amitesh V

    Security, Current Affairs, IR, IO

  • skilled

    Deepak Gauda

    Polity and General Science

  • skilled

    Neeraj Nachiketa

    General Science

  • skilled

    Praveen Dixit

    History and Culture

  • skilled

    Ravi Pathak

    Polity and Governance, and General Science

  • skilled

    Satveer Singh

    Science and Technology

  • skilled

    Shweta Singh

    Essay, Social Issues and Social Justice

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