Here are a few crucial tips for UPSC aspirants to crack the UPSC interview. The IAS Interview questions are more akin to a conversation between the UPSC board and the candidate.

How To Prepare for UPSC CSE 2022 INTERVIEW ?

The candidates who qualify the Main Examination are interviewed by a Panel consisting of members who areusually experts from different fields chosen by the UPSC.
The unbiased panel assesses whether the candidatehas the personality traits essential for various Civil Services. Questions based on matters of general interest areasked in the interview. The panel selects candidates who possess the basic personality traits a civil servant isexpected to have.
The interview process is the last phase of this arduous journey. It is a 20 to 40 minutes exercise which can make a 100 marks difference in the final total marks and can make an aspirant enter the final merit list or can lead to an end of the journey even if one has scored very well in the mains exam. Thus the interview process can give the aspirants an unassailable lead.

Here is the strategy that will help the aspirants ace the interview…


  • Aspirants should not wait for the mains results to declare. Remember that it takes time to polish one’s personality.
  • Aspirants need to know of their strengths, weaknesses, traits.
  • Aspirants need to develop a positive attitude.

Preparation phase:

  • Candidates should be fully aware of each and every word that is mentioned in their Detailed Application Form which includes:
    1. Hobbies
    2. Education
    3. Service relatedPreferences
    4. District, State
    5. Meaning of name
    6. Parents related questions etc.
  • Have a diverse understanding of the topics by reading multiple newspapers:
    1. The Hindu
    2. Times of India
    3. Indian Express
  • Revise the optional subject
  • Be thorough with the current affairs.
  • Take multiple mock interviews.
  • The best exercise for interview preparation are:
    • Stand in front of mirror and speak.
    • Record yourself.

During the interview:

  • Every answer should be a balanced answer. Candidate should refrain from making extreme statements.
  • Emotional Intelligence matters: Be calm and portray moral integrity. Never bluff in the answers.
  • Maintain a positive body language.
  • Dress neatly.
  • Another very important thing is to be honest in the answers. Honest and truthful answers will make one do wonders in the interview rather than ideal or readymade answers.
  • Communicate well: one should portray clarity of thought, understanding while speaking.
  • Be to the point: Answers should be concise and precise.
  • Every answer that a candidate gives should be based on logic, rationality and not bounded by emotions and likewise factors.

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Why APTI PLUS ACADEMY is considered as a leading institute for CSE interview preparation?

  • APTI PLUS ACADEMY provides Interview Guidance Program for Free.
  • APTI PLUS Academy conducts mock interviews in an ambiance which is akin to the actual UPSC interview, where the esteemed panel members consisting of senior retired bureaucrats, personality experts and eminent professors assess the aspirants critically on grounds of personality, general knowledge and ethical standards.
  • Thepanel guides the aspirants on the major short comings and suggests ways to overcome them.
  • Post interview performance analysis is conducted by the panel members.
  • The recorded videos of the Interview sessions are provided to the aspirants for self-evaluation and analysis of performance.
  • Based on the performance of the MockInterviews valuable suggestions and a thorough feedback is provided to the aspirantsby the panel members.
  • Video recordings of mock interviews of successful aspirants are made available on various social media platform.
  • The academy also posts interview transcripts of various successful candidates on its blog.
  • Further, webinar sessions of successful candidates who scored good marks in interview are regularly organised to mentor the budding aspirants and clear their doubts.














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