Interview Experiences with UPSC Toppers

UPSC is one of the most aspired competitive examinations and a dream for every candidate who wants to pursue a stable and rewarding career in civil services.
It is not just an examination but a motivation that pushes individuals to give their best shot with every trial.

There are very few candidates who have cleared UPSC on their first attempt; such is the complexity of this competitive exam! All it demands is sheer dedication and immense hard work from the candidates.

The competitiveness is so high for this examination that even the best candidates miss out on the opportunity by a point or two.

But one thing that’s a staple with UPSC aspirants is they don’t easily give up! They take on the challenge and work harder to appear for the exam with better preparation next time. In this quest for candidates to crack the UPSC exam, APTI PLUS, the best civil services academy, has always been by their side.

Whether it’s the first attempt or the sixth, we are with you throughout the journey and work on your preparation like it’s our mission. If you lack inspiration and motivation, let’s strengthen that for you by bringing you closer to the intellect of some UPSC toppers.

This article addresses certain interview experiences with the UPSC toppers for you to relate to their preparation efforts and how their respective coaching academies have helped them!

Take Inspiration from These Two UPSC Toppers from 2021

APTI PLUS is your one-stop academy to provide you with the best coaching for UPSC, helping you pursue your dreams. You might be the most brilliant kid of all, but you need the right push and guidance to hold onto your dreams and make them a reality.

The need for a coaching institute is inevitable when it is about excelling in your UPSC attempts. If you don’t believe that, have a look at these interview experiences with UPSC toppers and relate to what they have to say about the help and support they have received from their respective coaching academies.

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Utkarsh Dwivedi

Utkarsh Dwivedi obtained AIR 5 in CSE (Civil Services Examination) 2021, hosted by UPSC, which is a great achievement and is definitely a motivation for many other aspirants. His dream of becoming an IAS officer is now a reality, and he is the epitome of sheer dedication and hard work.

It was Utkarsh’s third attempt in which he cleared the CSE examination, as he left his hometown and moved to Delhi in 2018 after his graduation to commence with his CSE preparation. In the interview, he stated his belief that UPSC is not just about knowing everything but about being aware of the process and going with intuition at times.

He joined the Forum IAS’s Prelim Test Series to solve some papers and get a reality check on the preparation progress. Furthermore, he also said he was initially relying on reading sources such as NCERT, Lamikant and Spectrum for his preparation. He believes that joining the Forum Academy helped him realise his strong or weak areas in various subjects.

He consistently dedicated his success to quality mentorship, high-intensity questions and comprehensive solutions proposed by his coaching academy. His vision was to keep on appearing on the tests and acquire all reading points possible from the quality education that he was getting from the Forum Academy.

He expressed his gratitude towards the faculty members, his friends and seniors who have been his pillar of strength since Day 1 at the Forum Academy, in studies and in keeping him motivated.


Uttam obtained the 121st Rank in CSE 2021, hosted by UPSC, which is also considered one of the best ranks that people desire to acquire. She is one of the most brilliant students who have ever applied for CSE, and she has been consistent with her hard work since her first day of commencing with the preparations.

In the interview, she was asked about what inspired her to prepare for UPSC among all other career options out there. She believes that social service is the root motivation for her to join this path. Lessening the sufferings of people and helping them pursue their dreams has always been her motivation.

Upon being asked about her preparation, she said her motive was always to join a good coaching institute and take the help of mentors to master the lessons and fundamentals required for clearing the examination with a good score. She joined Inspiration IAS Academy, which she believes is one of the best institutes that leads aspirants to become successful in their quest.

She mentioned that her preparation approach was to revise the coaching notes she got and solve test series on a daily basis. Following that, she also practised various case studies that aligned with her various subjects. Even after clearing the UPSC CSE examination 2021, her major fear was with the interviews. She took help from the mentors at her coaching academy and the internet to prepare a list of questions and answers that might be asked of her at the interview.


So, these are the two UPSC toppers from 2021 who have been excellent in their examination and interviews. One thing that’s common in their interviews was the support they received from their respective coaching academies. Just like that, you might also need support from mentors who are quite proficient in their subject matters and can help you pick out the flaws and setbacks in your preparation efforts to rectify and strengthen your approach.

APTI PLUS guarantees to provide you with the best coaching for UPSC preparation in India, helping you achieve your successful career in the least possible attempts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I prepare for UPSC from Kolkata?

Yes, It is possible to prepare for the UPSC exam while living in Kolkata. Kolkata has many civil services coaching centers that provide classes and study materials for the exam.

IAS officer Tejasvi Rana cleared the UPSC exam and got AIR 12 rank without taking any coaching. Her success can motivate other students who want to become IAS officers. She shows that you can prepare for UPSC on your own and succeed.

To appear for UPSC civil services exam, your age must be between 21 years and 32 years. For general category and EWS, maximum age is 32 years and maximum number of attempts allowed is 6.

Yes, it is possible to master IAS preparation. To do this, give more attention to the main topics that the IAS exam asks questions from. Also follow some basic preparation tips. This can help an IAS aspirant gain control over their exam preparation.

To appear for UPSC, you need a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Even final-year students who have given exams and are waiting for results can apply.

It’s tough but clearing UPSC in 6 months is possible with dedicated prep. Your knowledge, study plan, grasp of vast syllabus matters. Though short, strategic planning, consistent hard work, utilizing resources can increase your chances. Stay disciplined, focus on weaknesses, practice regularly.

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