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CSE be it UPSC or state PCS such as OPSC-OAS is the toughest exam in the country. It has a 3 phase selection process and with a huge number of aspirants appearing every year, portrays the mind-boggling competition that requires the students to give their absolute best in the examination. The Prelims Examination is intended to assess the clarity of mind, speed, decision making, focus and awareness.  Similarly, the main Examination is intended to assess the overall intellectual traits and depth of understanding of candidates rather than merely the range of their information and memory. The questions are likely to test the candidate’s basic understanding of all relevant issues, and ability to analyze, and take a view on conflicting socio-economic goals, objectives and demands. ‘Mains’ assesses the quality of thoughts and content of one’s mind. These will enter subconsciously into one’s answer sheets.  So, any good test series should be able to inculcate the above-given traits in the aspirants.


Apti Plus test series for OPSC-OAS Prelims is a perfect recipe for the OPCS aspirants to hone their skills, give their preparation wings and boost their score in the Prelims exam.

Features of best civil services exam test series in Bhubaneswar for OPSC-OAS Prelims:
  • There are 40 OPSC mock tests with in-depth coverage of GS-1, GS-2 & Current Affairs
  • It is strictly adhering to the OPSC pattern and standard, the nature of the questions in the tests ranges from factual to conceptual, proportionally dividing in each of the Papers.
  • Answers with detailed explanations are provided.
  • Questions curated by Odisha’s Best Academicians (ex-OPSC members) with vast experience in OPSC.
  • Tests are simulated according to the latest pattern.
  • Aspirants are provided with an organised and carefully designed detailed schedule of the Tests under this best civil services exam test series for OPSC-OAS Prelims.
  • Options of MCQs in this best civil services exam test series for OPSC-OAS Prelims have also been arranged in such a manner that elimination tactics can be applied by students while solving questions.
  • Detailed Performance Analysis of aspirants so that they can gauge their level of preparation and perceive their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Detailed analysis of Tests in this best civil services exam test series for OPSC-OAS Prelims based on Level of Difficulty making it easier for aspirants to evaluate their performance that strategize their preparation accordingly.
  • Free Counselling via email/call anytime and anywhere.

Aspirants will have the following major benefits at the end of this OPSC OAS Test Series program:

  • No fear psychosis.
  • Will understand the nuances of the exam.
  • Better management strategy for the real exam.
  • Will understand their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Will get extra vital information.
  • Development of speed and refinement of the thought process.
  • Will be able to tackle uncertainties, and improve ones’ score and rank.
  • Will be able to undertake multiple revisions of the entire syllabus – both static (concepts) and current
  • Will be able to step up the preparation level.
  • Will be able to know about their strengths and weaknesses

As stated earlier, this best civil services exam test series for OPSC-OAS Prelims has been structured in such a way that can help aspirants prepare bit-by-bit in stages for the examination. Each stage gives candidates the chance to improve over the previous one and measure their progress. Thus, each stage can be treated as a step further in the whole staircase, which will gradually raise the preparation level of the aspirants, giving them the scope to develop the right set of skills to ace the Prelims Examination.


One can ‘test their preparation, boost their score and ensure success by being part of the Mains OPSC OAS Test Series.

  • Provides around 14 OPSC mock tests, detailed and multiple levels of evaluation, comprehensive one to one feedback and prudent performance assessment by faculty members and detailed model answers and test discussions which helps aspirants not only to take stock of their performance but also to fine-tune their strategy.
  • It has been designed so as to ensure not only content development and enhanced answer writing skills for the aspirants but also to enable them to develop a multi-dimensional analytical perspective across all themes important for Mains.
  • OPSC quality question papers prepared with the help of a highly experienced team.
  • Test series is known to help aspirants master the art of writing answers such as structure and presentation, how to present knowledge with contextual, structural and language competency, understanding the keywords/context, approach towards attempting questions.
  • Apti Plus through its OPSC mock test series offers that kind of conducive 360-degree platform which meets each and every requirement of the LEARN, REVISE, PRACTICE, TEST, IMPROVE, SUCCEED mantra.
Learning Outcome:

Aspirants will have the following benefits reflected in their answers after joining this Mains OPSC OAS Test Series:

  • Clarity regarding how much time they are going to contribute to each question (both in terms of thinking and writing down the answer).
  • Continuity and linkage between different parts.
  • Answering the ‘question’ rather than a ‘topic’
  • Uncluttered presentation, underlining of key content, heading of sub-parts, diagrams/flowcharts.
  • Inter-topic linkages, catchy terms, facts and figures, case studies/ illustrations/ anecdotes.
  • The balance between one’s own viewpoints on one hand and technical jargon, research studies, expert views on the other hand.


  • Apti Plus Academy provides high-quality revolutionized learning material that has been rigorously designed to ensure that you are ready for the examination and that you are able to manage micro detailing of subjects, tackle unconventional questions.
  • Apart from this, a detailed analysis of the previous year questions (of the last 5-6 years) is provided.

Apti Plus Academy is leaving no stone unturned to help the students counter the challenges put forward by UPSC and OPSC-OAS in their respective prelims examinations.

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